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2013_08 BHO's red lines in the sand

President Obama hasn’t yet taken unilateral action against Syria for crossing the “red line,” but he might soon. Or, more accurately, he’ll tell the military to go when Valerie Jarrett (aka vj44) tells him to … and then he’ll play cards.

TIP: Google vj44 and see how many ways Valerie Jarrett uses it or is referred to by it. It seems quite clear that Barack “I’d rather play games than govern” Obama is the 44th President In Name Only. Suggest we put 44PINO on the license plate of his little RCOTUS clown car in all future photoshops.

Tweeters got a jump on titling the inevitable movie:

  • My Big Fat Middle Eastern Tantrum
  • Dude Where’s My Red Line?
  • Raiders of the Lost Cause
  • Bungle Fever
  • All the President’s Yes Men
  • How to lose all allies in 10 days
  • The Silence of the Left
  • The King Am I
  • Dances With Clowns
  • Full Metal Mom Jeans
  • A Separate Peace Prize



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4 responses to “Syria Update – The Twitchy Report

  1. ::snork:: God has a sense of humor!


    For all of the grief Democrats gave President George W. Bush for the allies he brought with him to the start of the Iraq War – the “Coalition of the Willing” it appears President Obama is having a harder time building HIS Coalition.

    After the British Parliament vote AGAINST action – and Germany’s reticence – China and Russia’s pushback – it’s been a tough sales job.

    This headline of an announcement about the subway system in D.C. – the Metro – caught my eye this morning. It could perhaps also describe the president’s definitive statement about Syria that many believe boxed him in a corner:

    “RED LINE DISRUPTION: Metro is advising Red Line riders of a major service disruption that will impact service Friday, August 30.”


  2. Thousands of jihadist fighters have mobilized in Turkey and Jordan, ready to storm into Syria if the U.S. begins a bombing campaign, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

    The Islamic militants, fighting alongside the Syrian rebels, are being directed in part by Turkish, Saudi and Jordanian military staff, according to the security officials.

    Al-Qaida and its affiliated organizations are known to be within the rebel ranks. The security officials said the jihadists waiting to advance into Syria include members of the al-Qaida-affiliated Jihadiya Salafiya group.

    The information comes amid the increased likelihood of U.S. military action, with both President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry presenting the case against Syria today.


    • Sooooooooooo … al-Qaida has the 400 SAMs they stole from us during the Benghazi raid, which they can now carry into Syria (if they’re not already there) and use to shoot down our military planes. What could possibly go wrong?