Syria: Blind Liberal Support for Obama

Seeing the Left’s new found appreciation for military action is somewhere between infuriating and hilarious. Kind of infurilarious.

The Liberal Catechism

CASE IN POINT: Sally Kohn supports military action in Syria cuz … Obama!

2013_08 30 Sally Kohn supports war on Syria 1

Tweet responses:

  • Sudden hawk now that a (D) is President -> @sallykohn
  • Kohn’s truth: I was against the war in Iraq because we had a Republican president.
  • Hey @SallyKohn, did Saddam’s son’s rape rooms count as an atrocity? Asking for a friend.
  • We won in Iraq. If it was about oil, then why am I paying so much for gas?

2013_08 30 Sally Kohn supports war on Syria 2

  • Community of nations? Bush had 48 countries + a UNSC resolution + the US Congress. Obama has the French.
  • What about the men, women & children Saddam gassed & buried in mass-graves? Do they count?
  • Shorter @sallykohn: “Raining hellfire on a Middle Eastern country is ‘Robust Humanitarianism’ if Obama does it.”

After an hour of getting trash tweeted with her blatant hypocrisy, Kohn sent this out:

2013_08 30 Sally Kohn supports war on Syria 3

  • What’s so blurry about “robust humanitarianism”?
  • Sally Kohn’s hypocrisy is stunning. But not surprising.
  • I would say that her hypocrisy is more expected than stunning.

Who is Sally Kohn?

Sally Kohn is a liberal political commentator, community organizer, and founder and chief education officer of the Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots think tank. Kohn is an unpaid contributor for the Fox News Channel, and writes for publications like Huffington Post, The Washington Post and USA Today. She and her partner, Sarah Hansen, have a 3 year old daughter.



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5 responses to “Syria: Blind Liberal Support for Obama

  1. Love the new word. 🙂 Outstanding post. It really IS insane what they think is ok for them but not for us. Unbelievable.


  2. Yeah, and we need another war, because the two started by that evil warmonger Bush just aren’t enough. Anyway, it will create or save jobs for weapons manufacturers. Stimulus!


    • Also spread our diminished military even further so it’ll be that much easier for the Armed by Obama forces to take over when he declares military law and himself President for Life.

      I absolutely believe that crap about how we can’t afford to have tourists come to the White House is just cover for the fact that he has NO INTENTION of ever leaving.


  3. Good smackdown Chrissy, the hypocrisy of the left is always fun to expose. And read about 😉