Syria Update

August 28: Syria

  • Obama admitted publicly that U.S. intelligence has concluded the Syrian government used chemical WMDs on civilians last week.
  • Obama plans to ignore the fact that he couldn’t get U.N. approval for an attack on Syria, because Russia opposes it.
  • The Navy has moved a second aircraft carrier into the Gulf.

Obama said the White House will brief top congressional leaders this afternoon about Obama’s plans for a possible military strike.

Democrat and Republican members of Congress reminded Obama that just consulting with or informing Congress is not good enough to make military action legal.

Under the provisions of the War Powers Resolution (WPR), the President is required to notify Congress within 48 hours of the onset of US military involvement. They then have 60 days to get formal authorization from Congress and if they fail to do so must cease operations within 30 days.

Obama is unlikely to give a crap what Congress thinks or the Constitution says. In 2011, he ordered American warplanes into action over Libya without seeking authorization from Congress before or after.

The New York Times, the usual leakhole of Obama Inc, quoted officials describing a limited one or two day campaign that would degrade Assad’s ability to launch chemical weapons, without forcing him out of power. That might be true, but then again no less a figure than Barack H. Obama had promised that the Libyan intervention would last “days, not weeks”. It lasted months, not weeks, let alone days.

Meanwhile, Obama reportedly told several mayors that he would by-pass Congress to get more gun control.



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5 responses to “Syria Update

  1. UK Parliament voted NO on military intervention in Syria. The UN won’t even vote on it. Congress and Americans are none too happy about the idea.

    But hey, Obama is President and BY GUM, he is ready to pursue a limited military strike all by his lonesome if he has to. Or, more accurately, he’ll tell the military to go and then he’ll play cards.

    And never mind all that crap about what Obama and Biden and the rest of the Democrat lying liar holes spewed about Bush and Iraq. If you don’t agree with Obama, RAAAACISM.



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  3. I just googled vj44 and was astonished at how many ways Valerie Jarrett uses it herself and it is used to refer to her. It seems fairly clear to me that Barack “I’d rather play cards with the other flunkies” Obama really and truly is the 44th President In Name Only. We can put 44PINO on the license plate of RCOTUS’s little clown car.