Perversion, Lies and Electile Dysfunction


August 28, 2013: Via The New York Post

Mayoral candidate Anthony “so what if I’m a perv, this is New York!” Weiner is paying actors $15 an hour to pretend to be his campaign supporters at campaign events.

The actors are supposed to either act like supporters or else act skeptical, then ask questions and appear to be convinced to support him after he answers.

The comments on this story at Weasel Zippers are hysterical (and CRUDE).

  • Has the weiner gone limp and they are propping it up?
    • I believe the correct terminology for the gentleman’s condition is electile dysfunction.
  • Funny … most guys buy their supporters in the men’s department of stores.
    • Sooooo, many jockstrap jokes….
    • How athletic are his supporters?
    • I wonder if Weiner got a package deal…
    • I bet he paid for it with seed money.
  • His cheerleading squad, the Dangerettes.
    • Their song:
      • There once was a Congressman named Weiner,
      • Who had a perverted demeanor.
      • Forced from the Hill for acting like Bill,
      • Now Congress is one weiner leaner.
  • Moral: “If you tweet your meat, you’ll lose your seat.”


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