If I had a dollar …

If I had a dollar for every time liberals let their hypocrisy shine through, I could pay off the national debt.


SecState Kerry is making a great argument for the Bush invasion of Iraq. The Leftie Media is helping:

The New York Slime published op-ed – “Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal” – August 27, 2013.

Politico‘s take is that we obviously have to go to war in Syria, cuz otherwise it might make Obama look bad.

Tweets on Syria by iowahawk:

  • Global warming has apparently wiped out the Puff-Chested North American War Protester.
  • So is getting congressional approval for war still a thing?
  • Remember when Bush was called a “chicken hawk” because he had only served in the Air National Guard? Good times, good times.

Sen. Joe Biden: Iran & Impeachment [2:04]

December 14, 2007: Sen. Joe Biden threatens to initiate impeachment if President Bush acts militarily against Iran without congressional authorization.


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