TIME magazine helps keep Americans stupid

Destroying America is very high on the Left’s To Do list. Making sure American voters are dumber than dirt is key to this effort.

2013_06 10 TIME covers here and abroad

2013_07 29 TIME covers here and abroad

2013_08 12 TIME covers here and abroad

There are more examples here:



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4 responses to “TIME magazine helps keep Americans stupid

  1. Whoa! I think they just believe Americans are more stupid than anyone else in the world, so they pander to that perception, and hence, enforce it and help make it reality.


    • Seriously, Grunt? Just in these three issues, the American covers pimped Rahm, Trayvon and childlessness. That’s not pandering. That’s promoting.


      • You’re right, of course. What they are doing is much more sinister, harmful and insulting than people realize. And I don’t think their only crime is thinking us stupid. But my question is: If their plan is to turn us all into good little mindless red diaper infants, then why do they bother to put out a real, informative newsmagazine to the rest of the world? It’s very peculiar.


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