Flaming faucets are not caused by fracking

Methane (which is flammable) was first isolated by Alessandro Volta between 1776 and 1778. Volta was inspired to study gases after reading work by Benjamin Franklin.

The following is excerpted from a letter written by Benjamin Franklin:

In 1764, I heard it several times mentioned, that by applying a lighted candle near the surface of some rivers, a sudden flame would catch and spread on the water. …

In 1765, I heard of the same experiment, the whole surface of the water was in a blaze, as instantly as the vapour of warm inflammable spirits.

Obama’s Former EPA Chief Admits NO Fracking Water Contamination

Later, the Obama EPA issued … then RETRACTED … a “Fracking Is Bad” report.


What is methane? @ http://www.rwlwater.com/what-is-methane/

Franklin letter @ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=579036415471047&set=a.208982849143074.48148.208180129223346&type=1&ref=nf. Edited for clarity only by CtH. The full text is at this URL.

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One response to “Flaming faucets are not caused by fracking

  1. GP

    These “causes” are propagandized by Hollywood nitwits who think they have a civic responsibility to use their immense talents to educate us poor, stupid Americans in flyover country who just do not know anything.
    Daryl Hannah(who is really looking botox scary these days) was in Chicago recently on her anti fracking crusade, spewing her nonsense about how we need to save the environment. I felt like yelling at her that if she really wanted to reduce her carbon footprint, maybe she should just stay in hollyweird and stick to garden parties with her other mindless activists, and keep wasting their money on phonies like BHO instead of coming to all this way to tell us a bunch of BS.
    On the other hand, the problems with Smart Meters are real and these monsters are being pushed heavily by the dems. They never met a govt run project they did not like. These meters will be a boon to the makers, who will contribute big bucks of course to the DNC, and to the unions, who will get all those temporary jobs putting in these cancer contraptions.
    Do you want to give the power companies the ability to shut off your AC or heat, just because THEY say you are taking more than your “fair share”.
    Do you want these things outside your children’s bedroom, emitting dangerous EMF’s 24/7 that are strong enough to reach a satellite?
    Do you want some cyber hacker to have the ability to shut down the whole US power grid with a few keystrokes?
    These are all possible with these smart meters.
    Just say no! Call your congress critters and tell them that this power grab has to stop.
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