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ObamaCare Status Board

2013_08 Obamacare Status Board


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Life News Updates

It’s no wonder Lefties hate the free market

2013: Planned Parenthood has had to close a record number of clinics this year and it’s only August. Only 15% of Americans believe abortion is morally right. Then there’s Gosnell and fiends, all the help and protection abortionists have been shown to provide to child molesters, pimps and human traffickers, and the massive amounts of Medicaid fraud.


If Leftists didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all

Nidal Hasan has been convicted of killing 14 and wounding more than 30 people in the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood. Before Hasan shot and killed the pregnant Francheska Velez, she cried out “My baby! My baby!” According to libtards, only the pregnant woman has a right to kill her unborn child. Nevertheless, MSM news reports say Hasan only killed 13.


Wisconsin Right to Life strategies should become a national model

The 2012 number is out and it shows abortions in Wisconsin have dropped from their highest (1980 = 21,754) to their lowest ever (2012 = 6,927). Wisconsin’s current abortion ratio of 10 abortions per 100 live births is dramatically below the national ratio of 24 per 100 live births.


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Posted by Pistol Pete

We have all seen the tsunami of black-on-white crime that’s been going on.This is merely affirmation that Obastard’s plan of dividing the races is working flawlessly.You all know about 88 yr old Delbert Belton and Chris Lane.Just for your consideration (and to save space) I’m putting multiple links in one reply where you can read about:

a 91 yr old man out for a walk beaten and robbed

a 99 year old woman robbed and murdered by a 20 year old burglar

a carjacking that took place with a 73 year old woman inside.The carjacker pulled into a parking lot a few blocks away and pushed her out.

Authorities have not released a description of the suspect in that one.

A Chicago policeman went to aid a woman who was being beaten by a mob and was struck in the head with a baseball bat and got a fractured skull.That one will never be solved because nobody knows nothin’ and if they’re caught red-handed they still deny everything.

There was one today I will not link to.I was so shaken I almost got sick.A disgusting black sow hog put her little piglets on a little  girl riding her Big Wheel down the sidewalk while she filmed it.They screamed at her,hit her,and pushed her off her bike while the sow laughed.They proudly posted it to their facebook page.She has an older boy about 12 who posed for Facebook with his gun.They titled their entry ‘when white people piss off black people.’

Maybe it hit me as hard as it did because that little girl was Miss Olivia a few short years ago.I don’t know where the child’s parents were,but I’m betting they’re looking for a new house.

Children are not born with this kind of hate.They learn this from their parents, friends, and role models.

I will not link to anything about the 50th anniversary MLK get-together; you know exactly how it went.A steady stream of those who make a nice living stirring the ignorant masses into a froth making up the most outrageous lies you can imagine.Why not?Like anybody’s going to say anything about it.Hell with it.Let’s do this.










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