Snork-worthy RCOTUS caption contest at Twitchy

Holy crap. Obama was NEAR … even IN my personal space yesterday. Ew. Ew. Ew. His bus-ocade drove down a road I know well; he even did a townhall at my alma mater …. where I hear he warned against “the GOP shutting down the government.”

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Cuz it’s like totally the Party of the People who are NOT in Power that has spent us into oblivion. What a schmuck.

Between his preaching … I mean, speaking … engagements in Syracuse (Thursday evening) and Binghamton (Friday noon), his PR liars put out the utterly absurd tale that he saw some kids playing soccer and spontaneously asked to stop so he could kick the ball around.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Cuz it’s like totally normal for the Secret Service to allow the president to just say “stop the car!” Not.

Channel 9 reported the “spontaneous” lie, along with getting the date wrong. ::eyesrolling:: See for the MSM’s map of Obama’s bus tour along with where these cities actually are … and have been for a couple hundred years give or take.

2013_08 Channel 9 News gets date wrong

Now … I’ll grant you this. The stop in Tully was not on his public schedule, but neither was anything else for Friday morning. Clearly, he spent the night somewhere, got up, ate, left, etc. I get the point of not telling the whole world where he is at every moment. It wouldn’t be safe.

Plus there’s the sticky problem of announcing BusØbama’s actual route … you know, like they did last time? When mean-spirited racists stood on the roadside holding politically incorrect signs, pics of which are STILL floating around the interwebs. Can’t have that happen again, right? Or is it left ….

2013_08 23 BHO schedule

What I object to about his visit to Tully is the supremely stupid LIE that it was “spontaneous.” Let’s just overlook for a skinny minute that the Secret Service carries guns and doesn’t really answer to President “I’d rather play cards” Pantywaist anyhow. So he can’t order them to make a sudden change in schedule. Let’s just look at three little factoids I found easily on the net:

A. There was no practice scheduled, yet somehow BOTH Varsity teams were waiting at the field to shake his hand and laugh at his jokes.

2013_08 No practice in Tully

B. When you’re driving from Syracuse to Binghamton, you take Rte 81 South. Even if there was a practice going on, nobody could have seen it half a mile away, from a vehicle moving south, at speed, on the FAR side of a divided highway.

Tully JrSrHS

C. And even if someone did see a practice (that was not scheduled) from a distance (that was absurd), the reality of a presidential motorcade suddenly deciding to take the next exit and backtrack over unplanned and unfamiliar roads is just beyond ridiculous.

Preble to Tully

Sooooooooo … add one more lie to Øbama’s list. (Dearest speculates that a big donor called in a favor and they made it “spontaneous” to avoid pissing off other donors and to prevent Mean People from showing up with signs and cameras. Sounds about right.)

On the plus side, one of the photos WH photographer Pete Sousa sent out from the not-spontaneous visit sparked a little captioning fun at Twitchy.

2013_08 23 BHO at Tully HS

  • On his last leg
  • He’s kicking his own @$$ over the whole Egypt thing
  • You didn’t kick that
  • Prancersize meets soccer
  • Ummm…uhhhh…ummm…uhhhhh…Can we move these goal posts as well?
  • FINALLY! There’s that transparency about which we’ve been hearing so much.
  • Bend it like Urkel
  • OMG, he kicks like a girl too!
  • Kicking phony scandals down the road
  • Empty chair meets empty net
  • Is that one of Boehner’s?
  • Hop and Change
  • Doctors accused of performing unnecessary amputations get their revenge

And last but definitely not least, the one that got spit on my monitor:

  • Without teleprompter, Obama stumped



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8 responses to “Snork-worthy RCOTUS caption contest at Twitchy

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    What a useless clown. All he has to do is get a few names right. He can’t even be bothered to do that. And look at his face. SOOOO bored when it’s not all about HIM.


  2. Mucho sympathy for your personal space being invaded yesterday. Could you feel a disturbance in the force? 😯