Democrats: Out of Touch with America

Reality Check Ahead

OBAMACARE: Nancy Pelosi described ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act) as something that “captures the spirit of our founders” and will “put money back in the pockets of America’s patients” (WSJ, POLLS show:

Only 37% have a favorable view of the law, down 9 points from a minority of 46% who approved of it at the time the Democrat-controlled Congress voted it into law. Meanwhile, Obama is spending money we don’t have to drum up support for this law that was passed more than four years ago, yet was so bad the very Congress that passed it went and exempted itself from.

RACE RELATIONS: When George Zimmerman was acquitted, Obama and many Democrat leaders said the nation needed to have an “honest discussion about race.” POLLS showed:

Only 35% of Americans agreed.

ECONOMY: In his latest series of speeches on the economy this summer, President Obama has insisted that “America has fought its way back” and has already “recovered” (LA Times). POLLS show:

Only 28% of Americans believe the U.S. economy is recovering.

ABORTION: Democrats are more pro-abortion than ever. In the 2012 election cycle, their TV ads were filled with pro-choice messaging, abortion rights activists were main speakers at the DNC, and the head of Planned Parenthood even introduced President Obama at a campaign rally (Politico).

Only 15% of Americans believe abortion is morally acceptable.

36% don’t know or don’t care about the morality of abortion.

49% believe abortion is morally wrong.



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  1. Exactly. I want a divorce from these clowns. 👿