This is what the Obama Approved Race-Baiting has wrought

2013_08 They were bored with just beating whites

2013_08 Christopher Lane

The Twitter account belonging to 15-year-old James Edwards shows overtly racist and escalating violence against whites.

2013_04 28 Racist tweet by murderer

2013_07 15 Racist celebrates beating whites tweet

2013_08 13 James tweets time to kill



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5 responses to “This is what the Obama Approved Race-Baiting has wrought

  1. Pistol Pete

    the ‘woods’ he talked about knocking out are peckerwoods,ghetto slang for white people.


  2. A.Men

    Pray for family of Christopher Lane.


  3. the cc in his tweets is the most interesting bit because it is identification with the Crips.

    What is supposed to be a murder because of boredom was premeditated and a part of gang initiation into the Crips gang.