Jesse Jackson Jr. weighs in on black racist murderers

Jesse Jackson Jr., the race-baiter extraordinare who called Florida an “apartheid state” for failing to convict George Zimmerman, gave some Twitter-tastic “compassion” to Chris Lane, the white victim of three bored black racists.

2013_08 21 JJJ frowns

And then … just so we would all know he TOTALLY feels the Lane family’s pain, on Aug 22, he tweeted this heart-warmer:

2013_08 22 JJJ gets victim's name wrong

Not sure exactly how each of us can be called to a collectively resistance, but I’m sure he means well … in a totally “damn it to hell the shooters weren’t white and the victim wasn’t black so why should I f**k’ing bother to know the victim’s name it’s not like he was Trayvon Ben Obama” kinda way.



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3 responses to “Jesse Jackson Jr. weighs in on black racist murderers

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    When asked about the Chris Lane murder, Obama’s PR Clown said he was “not familiar” with it.


  2. GP

    This is a big deal in Australia, as it should be. And no response from Trayvon’s dad.
    I bet he would have had a lot to say about how we needed stricter gun control if the poor Aussie had been murdered by a white or Hispanic gangbanger.
    He would have also apologized for American and vowed to do something about the culture of gun violence.
    But since the perps where his ilk, just some poor misguided youth, dear old baby daddy shrugs it off.
    I wonder if they will still worship the Won down under?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      We can hope some souls are saved, including those of Chris and his bereaved loved ones. It is very hard to forgive violent crime. I am praying for them.

      True forgiveness is not about saying, “It’s okay what you did,” but “I’m giving to God Almighty my share of the right to punish you for this evil”, and then letting God in to heal your own soul.