Gabby Giffords’ anti-gun PAC took illegal donations

Earlier this year, Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC, the super PAC arm of Giffords’ anti-gun group, received $10,000 from Bette Midler’s private family foundation and $5,000 from the Rupa and Bharat B. Bhatt Foundation.

Private foundations — such as the Midler and Bhatt foundations — are prohibited from lobbying to influence legislation.

The same PAC also received $250 from the New England Congregational Church in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Churches and nonprofits are prohibited from directly or indirectly intervening in political campaigns.

These are small potato donations for the super PAC that has raised millions. But that makes them more – not less – problematic, since any PAC this big and active certainly should know the tax code backwards and forwards.

It’s not rocket science to red flag donations from groups with “Foundation” and “Church” in their names for closer scrutiny, something Giffords’ group clearly failed to bother doing. After all, the IRS managed to do something like this with groups that had words like “Patriot” and “Constitution” in their names.

This is far from the first sign of hypocrisy in the Giffords arena. It seems Giffords and her hubby, astronaut Mark Kelly, enjoy recreational shooting … with the same model gun that injured Giffords in 2011.

When called out on their hypocrisy, Giffords said it was okay cuz the guy who shot her had a 33 round magazine. 17 rounds would still violate the ban on “high capacity” magazines that both Giffords and hubby pimped for in Colorado, New York, and Connecticut.

2013_04 11 Giffords and hubby enjoy recreational shooting

It is also worth noting that Mark Kelly recently tried to purchase an AR-15, was required to undergo a background check, and was eventually turned down by the gun store.

Liberal Logic - Mark Kelly

Meanwhile, Giffords has posed happily with one of the weapons she and Kelly are trying to get banned.

Gabby Giffords grinning with gun and target


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