The Lapdog News goes bonkers cuz …

… the Obamas got a GIRLFRIEND! for BO!! ZOMG!!!

2013_08 Bo and Sunny

Since they didn’t milk the media by building this up for weeks and weeks prior to the arrival ZOMG and meeting the family ZOMG and getting a name ZOMG … you know, like how they did when they got Bo, I’m thinking this is definitely a MEDIA SQUIRREL event to distract attention from the worsening situation in the Middle East and the fact that people here at home are waking up to the economic train wreck that is ObamaCare.

Twitchy listed a selection of possible Secret Service Code Names for the new pooch:

  • Squirrel
  • Distraction
  • Veal
  • Entree
  • Dinner Belle

When the first First Dog was named Bo, folks speculated it stood for the Narcissist in Chief, Barack Obama. We’re thinking they’ve done it again with Sunny. “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” Sunny looks just like Bo, minus the WHITE parts.

I’m happy for Bo. He’ll be lots happier with another high energy dog to play with, though I am wondering if Sunny will need her own personal, six-figure, tax-payer funded, groomer-feeder-trainer-walker or if Bo will maybe share his with her.

Ditto the private air travel to various five star Obama vacays.



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2 responses to “The Lapdog News goes bonkers cuz …

  1. I’m just jealous that Sunny will probably get her very own Osprey aircraft for going on vacations.

    One of the bloggers over at iotw reflected that “Sunny” may be a play on “Sunni” since Portuguese water dogs are thought to have originated from the Moors of northern Africa (Morocco) who brought them into Portugal during the Moorish occupation and used them for fishing. The Moors were Sunni muslims. And what are the odds that the Obamas would select 2 dogs of a breed that just happens to be the only muslim-approved breed on the planet?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Bo was a gift from Ted Kennedy who has a PWD kennel. He’d been purchased as a pup and returned as unsuitable, so Ted, being the grand guy that he was, decided he’d turn lemon into lemonade by giving it to the Obamas.

      I was angry about it, because the breed may be hypoallergenic, but that’s the only thing suitable about it for those girls. It was supposed to be THEIR puppy, but Bo was too big and strong and far too energetic for either the girls or the White House full of antiques. In the early pics, you can see how afraid Sasha is.

      And they were supposedly going to walk the dog as their chore, but there isn’t a single photo of it. One day, Michelle walked him. Barack claimed to, but there are no photos so you know it was a lie. When they travel, the dog goes separately. His first trip, he went in Air Force One and the rumor was he’d pooped in the press section or something.

      Occasionally, he’s walked by Michelle or Malia, who seems to be the only one who genuinely loves the dog, but it seems to be just for show, because he gets taken away after a short while.

      I’m glad they got him a friend. That poor dog has had nothing but the White House grounds and a professional handler in his life.

      Those girls SHOULD have been given a toy poodle or a bichon frise, both small, adorable and hypoallergenic. They could have handled either themselves and actually care for and raise and learn how to train.

      But Ted Bloody Kennedy GAVE them a cast off dog he couldn’t sell again, so whooptidoodoodle, that was the dog they had to have. And he got named for dear old Dad who has no interest in anyone but himself.

      You could be right about Sunni. I didn’t know the dogs had any Muslim connection. I like the “son of” thing too. It makes me laugh.