ObamaCare sucks

NBC: Businesses, Unions And Schools All Warn Of Cuts In Hours Due To ObamaCare [2:33]

Priceless quote: “I never thought it would impact me personally.”

And isn’t that precisely the problem? That the people who voted for these Democrat policies were all looking for SOMEONE ELSE to pay for stuff?

Even the shmucks in Congress know ObamaCare sucks. They exempted themselves from having to abide by the law they wrote and passed!

I'm an adult

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    MSNBC’s Ed Schulz says only “phony” Christians oppose Obamacare.


    From the comments:

    As true Christians….we DO help the helpless. We were never commanded to allow the government do it for us. Therein lies the difference.

    Only “phony journalists” work for MSNBC.

    Ed Schulz is about as relevant as Betamax.

    Two visions of charity by Dinesh D’Souza (paraphrased):

    True charity: Two guys are walking down a road, one has a sandwich, one doesn’t and is hungry. The guy with the sandwich offers the hungry man his sandwich. The hungry man is grateful. The giver feels good about his gift of charity.

    Statist “charity”: Two guys are walking down a road, one has a sandwich, one doesn’t and is hungry. Obama comes riding up on a horse with three armed guards. He instructs a guard to point a gun at the guy with the sandwich and demand it. The sandwich is taken and given to Obama who takes a couple of bites and passes it around to his guards who all take a bite. Less than half is left, but this is given to the hungry guy, with much fanfare and a press conference. Obama is celebrated as the one who cares about the hungry.


  2. Yep, I heard about that one. I guess they either thought they were above it all (like Congress and Co.) or they are unfamiliar with the concept of “the law of ‘unintended’ consequences.”