Whistle blower says Benghazi coverup more serious than we thought

We already knew about the illegal and immoral stand down orders that came from the White House. And we recently heard that the CIA was using their Benghazi facility to illegally ship missiles to the Syrian rebels.

Now we’re hearing the most disturbing thing of all. During the Benghazi raid, al-Qaeda stole 400 surface-to-air missiles (SAM) from the CIA facility. A SAM is a heat-seeking, shoulder-launched weapon that a single, mobile, ground-based warrior can use to shoot down an airplane.

9-11 Al-Qaeda did this

SAM and Civilian Aircraft

Obama’s ‘Impeachable Offense’ Over New Benghazi Revelations

There is an 11 minute video embedded at this URL about the “geographical pivot” and how it relates to world events today. It is enlightening.




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