More Friday Fun

Pete’s blog has gotten long enough, it’s taken a while to load, so I thought that, instead of adding my stuff to his and making it even slower, I’d just do an addendum.

First up … Colonel Meow’s vet told his hooman to brush his teeth and the moron actually tried to do it.

CAT Colonel Meow

This video is a clip of a Christian comedian’s routine, explaining to non-hand-raisers how to behave if they go to a hand-raising church. FUNNY!!

This video is a sweet little love story you have to watch to the end. Tissue alert. 🙂

Cell division

Oh the iron-y


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8 responses to “More Friday Fun

  1. Hilarious! 😀

    The Ferrous Wheel reminds me of a triathlete’s license plate I saw once at an event. Since he was an Ironman competitor, his plate said “Fe-Man.” I got it right away, but I just didn’t think it worked, you know?