It’s going to get worse

Seizing Elian

Under Obamacare, the federal government will have total control over the standards by which parents are allowed to raise their children.

These standards will be enforced via mandatory home visits conducted by entities appointed and funded by the federal government.

Their job will be to identify families that “need” to be visited and to intervene in the home life so as to meet federally mandated benchmarks.

Visitation mandates may include children being required to go to certain schools, take certain medications, receive certain vaccines, or even have limited – or no – interaction with parents.

  • A homeschooling family, for instance, may be subject to ‘intervention’ in ‘school readiness’ and ‘social-emotional developmental indicators.’
  • A farm family may be subject to ‘intervention’ in order to ‘prevent child injuries’.

Home visit “intervention” will be at the discretion of the agency, which could target families for any reason.

The Health and Human Services’ website states that families in the following “high-risk” categories will be definitely targeted:

  • Mom is not yet 21.
  • A child has low student achievement, developmental delays, or disabilities.
  • Someone uses tobacco.
  • Someone is serving or formerly served in the armed forces.

This will not be a voluntary program.

Failure to allow home visits or to comply with dictates could result in removal of children from the home.

The Obama administration claims the provision applies only to Medicaid families. The statute, by its own definition, has NO LIMITATION whatsoever.

Intervention may be with any family for any reason and parents will have no right to do anything but comply.



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3 responses to “It’s going to get worse

  1. A homeschooling family, for instance, may be subject to ‘intervention’

    Yet another example of…

    Those who can’t handle the truth,
    try to silence those who speak it.

    We need to speak the truth all the more.


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