Christian churches and institutions attacked in Egypt

2013_08 15 Saint Moussa Church torched

The list of attacks on churches and their institutions around Egypt is staggering. The list is a work in progress. They’re adding to it as they get reports, so I will just link, not copy/paste.


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3 responses to “Christian churches and institutions attacked in Egypt

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Christians pray for their ‘extremist brothers’ in scorched Egyptian church

    From comments at Twitchy:

    Our msm trumpets faux muslim oppression here at home and continues to ignore muslim violence and oppression of everyone abroad. 4 weeks from now they’ll switch 9/11 from an islamic terrorist attack into the historic moment a million muslims marched on D.C. for their civil rights, which they’ve always had and was never once threatened.

    Gee I wonder if Muslims would be holding a somber prayer of forgiveness if Christian extremists burned down one of their mosques.


    • Exactly. Another example: Red Crescent blood bank burned to the ground in Cairo. You know that we Christians are always having trouble getting too worked up and burning down Red Cross blood banks, since when it comes to charity, we really could take it or leave it.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    The 11 minute Glenn Beck clip at this URL is very much worth watching. Obama Democrats have been weakening and demonizing our military while simultaneously arming the people who hate us and Israel and who WANT to destabilize this pivot area. IMHO, it all spells Revelation.