And you watch MSNBC-NBC because why exactly?

2013_08 Screenshot of MSNBC way wrong map

Besides NY and PA, nothing in that photo is within 100 miles of being correct.

2013_08 Screenshot of MSNBC way wrong map w overlay

But at least they did get NY and PA correct. Not like NBC. Last month, those bozos went and left New Hampshire clear off the map. Oh what the hey. 59 states. 49 states. Who’s counting?

2013_07 NBC leaves NH off map

Oh wait. NBC. MSNBC. Aren’t they like RELATED or something?

Maybe we can give partial points or a participation trophy or a self-esteem certificate. Cuz we wouldn’t want them to FEEL BAD about being stupid schmucks, now would we?

Oh wait. Yes. We would.

Because they so are.



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7 responses to “And you watch MSNBC-NBC because why exactly?

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    From Twitchy:

    Upstate NY towns are retreating to the mountains. to plan the revolution?

    That’s the Obama Gulf Coast Bus tour, right?

    This is where these cities are from this day forward. When are you conservatives going to stop living in the past?

    With so many people having been thrown under the Obama bus, I’m surprised that the tires still touch the ground.

    Come on, you nit picking people! What difference does it make? (do I really need the sarc tag?)

    “Whoa, slow down. There’s a NEW Mexico?” – MSNBC


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