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I was going to delve into a lengthy diatribe about everything that’s wrong with leftards,Obozo,Reid,the whole bag of bastards and the country in general.But you already know that,so why be redundant?The visits to our little garden have doubled so I probably should stay on the bench and let the “A” team handle it.

Most of you have full,active lives and don’t have much time to surf the ‘net.Like my BFF,Chrissy the Wonder Chick,I,too,am housebound.Besides getting up at 1:00 AM every day to deliver papers,and seeing my little angels once in awhile, I’m tethered to an oxygen machine.You have no idea how many websites I check and how much copy I read looking for things I think will interest you(with some personal opinions thrown in).

Every day I can count on booting up and finding new violence.Here in Chicago black-on-black crime hardly rates a mention.But there is always black on white crime which is getting more and more prevalent.I’m aware that LBJ’s Great Society condemned a lot of people to a lifetime of poverty,ignorance and government dependence when they tore the father/husband figure from the family unit and replaced it with a welfare check.Young girls who could not even support themselves were seduced into having babies while the checks were based on a per head basis.When a child feels no acceptance in his family he too often turns to the street for a sense of belonging.These people, knowingly or not, surrendered their pride,dignity and personal freedom to be put on an ideological plantation for nothing but a little bit of other peoples’ money.


Blacks make up about 14% of the population

7% are women

4% are black males under 12 and over 40

3% of black males,therefore,commit over 70% of felonies committed.

I’m aware there are far more whites in poverty than blacks.So where are the gangs of whites roaming the streets beating up innocent black people or shooting a kid for his sneakers?

I really try to dismiss Obozo’s sneering into the microphone and telling the most outrageous lies knowing he’ll never be called on it and revels in rubbing the middle class’s nose in the fact he can vacation on expensive estates and send a V-22 Osprey to fetch his dog while people are struggling to try to pay for their kids’ school supplies.As long as the press is protecting him and the GOP are terrified of him it will never change.

The Butcher of Benghazi and her co-conspirator are waiting in the wings for this clown of the non-rodeo variety to leave the stage.

Alas,I’ve probably already put off anybody who reads this so I’ll let that be the last word.



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And you watch MSNBC-NBC because why exactly?

2013_08 Screenshot of MSNBC way wrong map

Besides NY and PA, nothing in that photo is within 100 miles of being correct.

2013_08 Screenshot of MSNBC way wrong map w overlay

But at least they did get NY and PA correct. Not like NBC. Last month, those bozos went and left New Hampshire clear off the map. Oh what the hey. 59 states. 49 states. Who’s counting?

2013_07 NBC leaves NH off map

Oh wait. NBC. MSNBC. Aren’t they like RELATED or something?

Maybe we can give partial points or a participation trophy or a self-esteem certificate. Cuz we wouldn’t want them to FEEL BAD about being stupid schmucks, now would we?

Oh wait. Yes. We would.

Because they so are.





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Little Leaguer with one leg

They cut this kid no slack and he clearly doesn’t want to be treated like anything but a member of his team.

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San Diego Hooters will not serve Filthy Filner

San Diego Hooters will not serve Filner 1

San Diego Hooters will not serve Filner 2

The official word from Hooters is that the Filner ban didn’t come from the top, but the signs can stay.

Hooters girls speak out

The sign itself seems to have been the brainchild of the incomparable Glenn Beck.



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Do business owners have a right to conscience?

In the past, this would’ve been a no brainer for any American. Of course we do! But since the Rise of Obama, the rights of those on the right have been under attack. And that includes the rights of business owners who are refusing to pay for abortion-inducing drugs for their employees.

Courts Reject Obama View That Businesses Don’t Have Religious Freedom

by Mark Rienzi | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 8/12/13

Can you make money and be religious? The Obama administration and a few courts have said no — at least in the context of forcing business owners to violate their religion by purchasing abortion-inducing drugs for their employees. Thankfully, most courts have rejected this view, leaving individuals and their businesses free to go to work without checking their conscience at the door.

The question is not about corporations. We know corporations can exercise religion because houses of worship and other religious organizations are corporations. The Supreme Court has repeatedly protected religious liberty for corporations. The question is really about money, and whether the government can force groups that earn money to single-mindedly pursue profits, without regard for any other value.

We regularly encounter businesses making decisions of conscience. Chipotle recently decided not to sponsor a Boy Scout event because the company disagreed with the Scouts’ policy on openly gay scoutmasters. It was “the right thing to do,” Chipotle said.

Starbucks has ethical standards for the coffee beans it buys. Vegan stores refuse to sell animal products because they believe doing so is immoral. Some businesses refuse to invest in sweatshops or pornography companies or polluters.

You can agree or disagree with the decisions of these businesses, but they are manifestly acts of conscience, both for the companies and the people who operate them. Our society is better because people and organizations remain free to have other values while earning a living. Does anyone really want a society filled with organizations that can only focus on profits and are barred from thinking of the greater good?

For many, their conscience is informed by religious views about activities they can or cannot participate in. Some Jewish store owners cannot sell leavened bread at certain times of the year. Some Muslim truck drivers cannot transport alcohol. Some Catholic prison workers cannot participate in executions.

If religious freedom means anything, it means that these people — just like Chipotle, Starbucks and everyone else in our society — are allowed to earn a living and run a business according to their values. In a tolerant society, we should just accept that our neighbors will have different beliefs, and that government-enforced conformity is rarely the best answer to this diversity.

Source @ http://www.lifenews.com/2013/08/12/courts-reject-obama-view-that-businesses-dont-have-religious-freedom/

Author Mark L. Rienzi is Senior Counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a law professor at The Catholic University of America, and author of God and the Profits: Is There Religious Liberty for Money-Makers?

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The rodeo clown crisis was averted when the Mo. State Fair permanently banned the Obama-mask-wearing clown.

No, for reals. They did that.

In retaliation, Glenn Beck declared August 13th #MockObamaDay.

I collected some of the best stuff.

2013_08 13 First Amendment tweet

2013_08 13 RCOTUS

So what if a single MO clown mocked him? We all know the majority of America’s MSM clowns are ardent supporters

2013_08 13 RCOTUS MSM clown

In honor of the mock-worthy airlifting of the First Snack to the latest 5 Star Vacay Rental:


And a fun two-fer … or maybe it’s a three-fer given that the “photo” of Obama who “shoots skeet all the time” not only showed him using poor form, but also showed signs of photoshopping.


Obama likes to make a big deal about his basketball skills, but in high school, he was a second stringer who warmed the bench most of the time and at the last Easter Egg Roll, he missed 18 free throws in a row, moving progressively closer to the net and even changing balls at one point. He finally sank 2 of the last 4.

2013_08 13 Free throw fail

Who could forget the Commander-In-Chief who was afraid he’d melt in the rain? Wait, wasn’t it the evil dictator of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West, who had that problem with water?

2013_08 13 Mock Obama melts in the rain

It’s probably just as well he had a Leatherneck hold the brolly. He tried to do it himself once. Brollies Are Hard.

2013_08 13 RCOTUS brollies are hard

His PR lapdogs pimped him out as the “Smartest Man Evah.” Given the frequency with which he makes dumbass remarks both within and without our 58 great states, they might have more accurately described him as “Biggest Schmuck Evah.”

2013_08 13 RCOTUS multiple dumb errors

LOL … oh my. Yes, #MockObamaDay was fun. But as one tweeter pointed out, “#MOCKOBAMADAY is just a normal day for me.” To which another replied, “And he makes it SO easy…like shooting sheep in a barrel.”




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