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When I got home from delivering papers yesterday DW had left a birthday card on my keyboard.On the inside she wrote: “we promised to grow old together, I just didn’t think it would be this soon.” After much thought,I concluded therein lies the root cause of the anger and frustration that prompted last week’s meltdown.I was too weak to stop smoking for 40 years.And now I’m paying for it with my life.In the fullness of time I’ll try to offer a rational explanation.For now it might be best if I just stick to the Friday post because I don’t have to be confronted with everything that’s gone wrong with what was the greatest country God ever granted mankind.

This is DW, Miss Isabel,who’s 9, Miss Olivia,who’s 6, and what’s left of me.

Goat Mountain 2013


Big girls

Hello Ariel, Nala, and Cinderella

Stopping to view the animals

It was surprising to see Isabel climb up here.She’s the scaredy-cat type.Olivia is absolutely fearless.If they see a caterpillar,Isabel runs, Livvy wants to grab it and make a pet out of it.

Time for the park

Covered Bridge 2013

The only reason I have these pictures is because SD uploaded them to her facebook then put them in a folder on my machine.She still nags us about getting a facebook page.I told her we don’t have something you need,which is a life.


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4 responses to “A DAY WITH BEL AND LIV

  1. Pistol Pete

    I never ask anybody for anything.I would stongly encourage you to read this piece,since it speaks to my frustration level with the kabuki Theater that is politics today.

    Lately there’s been a growing chorus of calls for the Tea Party and the Republican Party to unite and find a way of compromising over their differences in order to achieve their common goal of defeating Democrats. This scares the heck out of me because many in the Tea Party may think it’s a good idea

    The RNC is loaded with Democrats in Republican clothing. It makes no sense to unite against the content of a particular book with the authors of that very book simply because they’ve given it a different cover or a new title.

    “The RNC and its candidates have repeatedly abused the good faith of Tea Party under false pretenses (words, promises, compliments) and then betrayed them (by legislative and other actions AFTER the Tea Party’s support elected them). I agree with your message “in theory,” but it needs to be sent to the RNC, not Tea Party people. The RNC first needs to banish the Democrats-in-Republican-Clothing from its own house before it makes any sense for Tea Party people even to THINK of joining with them.



  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos, Pete!! I wish you could see the ginormous grin they put on my face. The girls have such beautiful names. I got a kick out of your O2 tank sling. I had one also, but it was red. So flashy! We called mine Hank the Tank. I vote we designate a spot in Heaven for PoliNation reunions, so we can meet up and laugh about what fat old farts we used to be back on Earth.


  3. This article sure came at an interesting time. It is what I have been thinking about for the last month or so as a voter in Eric Cantor’s district. Is it so important to re-elect Eric, or is it more important to pick a handful like Boehner and Cantor and make sure they are out of the way? I am still mulling it over.

    I just got back from a month at the beach with my mother and her two older sibs. I am still a bit hoarse from trying to be heard because all 3 of them wear hearing aids, but a fat lot of good they did! I had very little internet access, and no television so I had lots of opportunity to ponder the sort of questions that this article addresses. In fact, one of the pieces of junk mail waiting for me upon my return was a solicitation letter for the Republican Senatorial Committee. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it, but this was the best response I could come up with in the 5 minutes I allowed myself to address it:

    “I received a letter from Va. Sen. Jerry Moran asking for my financial support for your Annual Campaign Drive. I will not be supporting the Republican party in any financial way as long as your leadership continues to undermine the campaigns and the positions of other Republican candidates whose approach and whose principles are in conflict with the leadership. You do not lose elections because you anger Democrats and the media. You lose elections because you undermine those on your own side if they cause you some embarrassment.

    I am not convinced that the Republican leaders in the Senate have had the best interests of small business owners like me in mind for some time now and I will not be a part of electing even more like Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, Kelly Ayotte, Lisa Murkowski, Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander, John Cornyn……I am paying attention and I do not like what I see.

    Best of luck with 2014. I can’t muster any enthusiasm for more of the same from the Republican Party. The only hope that I think you have is to enlist the greatest retail politician I have seen in decades to storm the country on your behalf. Somehow, I can’t imagine Sarah Palin going all in for what you have been up to in D.C.”

    So glad to see you had a chance to be out and about with those two beautiful grandchildren and your wife. That’s what its all about!