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If your oncologist said this, you’d fire him

Patient: So Doctor, what’s the news?

Doctor: I have great news. The treatment has decimated your lung cancer.

Patient: Oh, that’s great!

Doctor: Yes, indeed. The treatment has also caused your cancer to spread into your brain, liver, kidneys and blood.

August 9, 2013 Obama presser

Q. Mr. President, you have said that core al Qaeda has been decimated, that its leaders are on the run. Now that we’ve seen this terror threat that has resulted in embassies closed throughout the Arab world, much of Africa, do you still believe that al Qaeda has been decimated?

A. What I said…is that core Al Qaeda is on its heels…but what I also said is that AQ and other regional groups had metastasized.

IOW, the core al Qaeda is decimated and on its heels, but the rest of al Qaeda has gotten way worse. Oooooooooookay.

Video Warning: Listening may reduce your IQ.

CAT Revelation 20 10



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Sketch artist pic of mystery priest UPDATED

I put the sketch with pics of the dead priests I’ve seen suggested as possibles. None of them jump out at me. Anyone seen any other names put forward?

Sketch of mystery priest


UPDATE: I collected a bunch of pics of Fr Mychal Judge.

Father Mychal Judge

I think Aussie picked it. On the sketch, I can definitely see Judge in the chin, ears and high brow. Plus it just makes sense that if God was going to let him continue doing good works on Earth that he’d go to emergency rescue situations.

I have no problem with the descriptions witnesses giving being different. My brother shared an office with another guy for a while who looked so much like him from the side that people were forever greeting the one sitting at the desk by the other’s name. Yet from the front, their faces were quite different.  Besides which … I can definitely see Walter Matthau in the bottom middle one.

The top right one reminds me of John Wayne, while the bottom right one reminds me of a couple older actors I can’t remember the names of, but if shown either of these photos without a label, I would have no idea they were Fr Mychal Judge.


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