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Thumbing their noses at God

The war between God and Satan just gets more and more OVERT every day.

Sunday abortion coupon

Women are about as likely to receive “Quality Care” at this a-butchery as they are to find prayer books or dictionaries in the waiting room. One of the “doctors” (I use the term loosely) who slaughters here is the notorious Dr. James Scott Pendergraft, the Sunshine State’s version of Dr. Gosnell. Despite having lost lost his medical license in Florida FIVE TIMES, Pendergraft performs his “safe, legal” procedures here and in five other abortuaries around Florida.



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Personal Miracles Thread

I was very touched by Aussie’s willingness to share her family story. I want to open up the garden to anyone who has personal faith stories to share.

I’ve got quite a few of my own, so am thinking this is just the first … second, if you count https://polination.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/mysterious-priest-performs-miracle-at-site-of-mercedes-crash/ in what may become a series.

And … hey … don’t limit yourself to personal stories. If you have links, post them! I heartily believe that these stories do not distract us or take us away from Jesus, but rather bolster our faith and help us to know, love and serve Him ever more closely.

Here’s the tale of something that happened to me one time back in 1998.
The Greyhound and the Smoke Alarm

One day, someone didn’t set the latch properly and our front door swung open. We had been warned when we adopted a retired racing greyhound that she must never be off a leash, except in a fenced area. Especially not around cars! But no one else was home to stop Star from venturing out to explore the neighborhood.

I was at home, but sound asleep … at least until the smoke alarm outside my bedroom started blatting at weird intervals and for different lengths of time. It never does that. If something sets it off, it just GOES until someone manually resets it or removes the battery.

The only other noise it makes is a “low battery” alert, which is a soft cricket-y kind of chirp that repeats at perfectly even intervals for days until the battery actually dies or someone finally replaces it.

But what I heard that morning and what woke me up and drove me out of bed before I was ready was the loud blat sound that the alarm makes when it has been set off by smoke.

Except that it wasn’t continuous. In fact, it was a lot like someone jabbing impatiently at a doorbell trying to get someone to answer the door.

I thought the low battery alert had malfunctioned and tried putting my head under the pillow and wishing it would stop! It didn’t. And it was LOUD, so sighing deeply, I got up.

As I trudged down the hall in search of caffeine, I noticed a breeze on my ankles. Looking left into the foyer, I was surprised to see the door hanging wide open and appalled to see our beautiful (but admittedly dumber-than-dirt) greyhound out in the road!

I figured I’d best make a good show of being happy to see her, so as to lure her indoors again. So I stood in the doorway, slapping my thighs and shouting “Good puppy want a treat?!” in my squeaky “let’s play” voice. She came lolloping inside to get her Milk Bone, very pleased with herself and quite tired out from her adventure.

I closed the door – PROPERLY this time – thankful that she hadn’t been harmed.

After liberal applications of caffeine and carbs, I finally got myself awake enough to think about changing the battery in the alarm. Oddly, it had stopped blatting quite soon after I had decided I really was not going to get one more minute of sleep that morning.

I got a fresh battery, dragged a chair down the hall, and popped the cover off. Instead of finding a dying battery tucked snugly into the holder, I suddenly had loose, battery-free wires dangling in my face.

Puzzled, I put the new battery in, successfully tested the alarm and replaced the cover.

When Dearest came home later on, I asked if the smoke alarm by our bedroom was hard-wired into the house’s electrical system. He said that our smoke alarms are all battery-operated, because it’s safer. If a fire starts in the electrical system, it can short out a hard-wired alarm and make it useless.

I told him what had happened and that there had been no battery in that alarm. He reminded me that he had removed the battery, because his long, steamy showers kept setting it off.

I love the big, dramatic stories where something or someone pulls off a miraculous life-saving rescue. But some of my favorites are the small stories, like the one about Star and the smoke alarm. It touches my heart that God and His servants care about the little things.

Besides, I just get such a kick out of imagining my guardian angel poking at our battery-less smoke alarm in order to drag me out of bed. I bet he was snickering the whole time, too!


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