Mysterious priest performs miracle at site of Mercedes crash

August 4, 2013: Emergency workers and community members in eastern Missouri are not sure what to make of a mystery priest who showed up at a critical accident scene Sunday morning and whose prayer seemed to change life-threatening events for the positive.

Even odder, the black-garbed priest does not appear in any of the nearly 70 photos of the scene of the accident in which a 19-year-old girl almost died.

No one knows the priest and he vanished without a word, said Raymond Reed, fire chief of New London, Mo.

“I think it’s a miracle,” Reed said. “I would say whether it was an angel that was sent to us in the form of a priest or a priest that became our angel, I don’t know. Either way, I’m good with it.”

Carla Churchill Lentz, mother of the teen who was critically injured, said emergency workers have told her there is no way her daughter should have lived inside such a mangled car.



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  1. Interesting story Chrissy. Thanks for the USA Today angle. I had only seen the Blaze story, and this had some new stuff.


  2. Reblogged this on A world at war and commented:
    I saw this on another site and wanted to write something about what happened.
    Commenters at the other site came up with two possibilities. One of them is St. John Vianney. The other is a priest from the Korean war who is on the way to sainthood.
    As a Catholic I am fascinated by this story because it is the first time that I have seen confirmation of the existence of angels or a saint appearing to someone outside of a T.V. show.
    What is more fascinatint to me is the fact that the girl, who is Christian is not a Catholic, but her desire for someone to pray for her and with her was very strong at that moment. It was her faith that brought about this miracle. Yes, I do believe it was a miracle.
    Upon reading about the nature of the girl’s injuries, I do suspect that when the miracle took place she was very close to death. Please let me explain, and in the process I am going to reveal something that family members have spoken about.
    My great-grandfather James Buckley was a railway track worker and back in 1906 it was a very dangerous job. The accident itself happened in Melbourne, Victorian not far from Flinders Street Station and not far from Spencer Street Station. It was the track on the St. Kilda Line near the Kings Street bridge where there was a bend. In those days when the workers were on the track there was supposed to be a flagman, but the railways management had withdrawn the flagman. The train driver claims that he sounded a warning but the workers did not hear it above the noise of their work. Two of the men managed to jump out of the way in time but my grandfather suffered serious injuries. He was alive when taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and died three days later because of a ruptured spleen. I know most of this story because I now have a copy of the Coroner’s Inquest plus it was a big story covered in the newspaper at the time. It is the next part of the story that came from family members.
    Around the time of the accident, my great grandmother was in the living room of their home, and she saw the ghostly figure of her husband appear to her. One of the aunts was present when this happened and she told the story to other members of the family. I have often wondered about this odd piece of information because it can be explained away as the spiritual connection between husband and wife.
    The real point I want to make in telling this personal story is that amongst the list of injuries of the girl is the fact that she suffered damage to her spleen. As you can see from my family story, damage to the spleen in such circumstances can in fact be fatal. With all of her injuries it is a real miracle that the 19 year old has in fact survived.
    One question, however, remains, why did this mysterious person come dressed as a priest. Why did he anoint the girl? This is not a common practise among non-Catholic Christians. I have no doubt at all that the girl was saved from dying because of her faith, but who or what intervened? Why did those other workers see this man, yet he is not seen in any of the more than 60 photos that were taken at the scene of the accident? Two of the rescue workers have told the story so it is not the imagination of a girl who nearly died at work in this story.


  3. I just reblogged this story, thanks for putting it up.

    There are bits of the story that were really driven home to me because of something that had happened in my family a very long time ago. In that case the part of the story that has fascinated me has always been the fact that my great-grandmother saw the ghost of her husband (who was alive at the time) in her living room smiling at her, and it was witnessed by another family member, who then told younger family members about what took place. It was my aunt Doreen (my aunt who lives in USA) who told me the story as it was passed on to her by that family member


  4. Saw somebody over at iotw say that there’s a rumor that it was an appearance of Fr. Maximillian Kolbe, who looked like the composite.


    • St. Maximilian Kolbe is the third priest who is mentioned. However, I thought he had red hair, not silver hair.

      For those who do not know St. Maximilian Kolbe’s story, he is the polish priest who was in Japan for a time, and he ended up in a German concentration camp. He took the place of another man and was executed with a very slow death of starvation.


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  6. Another possible “priest” is the one who died during rescue operations at the World Trade Centre. He was a chaplain to rescue workers. It makes me wonder if it was him.


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