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To all those who took offense at my poor choice of words yesterday,I sincerely apologize.I could write a long explanation as to how I came to this lot in life but once a trust has been broken it is not easily repaired.Everybody here has treated me with great kindness and respect and you deserve far better.Perhaps one day you will find it.

God bless you all.




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7 responses to “THE THURSDAY GRUDGE

  1. GP

    PP-I never take offense with you because I know what is in your heart and I know how upset you are with the commie in chief. We all are. I just think that if we tone it down we will bring more pollinators to the garden. This is a fantastic blog, and you and Chrissie do an amazing job of informing, entertaining, and inspiring us. I just do not want to see it end.
    We all have bad days. I am sure that is all it was.
    Remember who you are, in your heart. That is the PP we all love.


    • Amen! I agree with GP, here. Real friends caution each other from time to time, but there’s no love lost – or trust lost. And Pete, we’ve already seen the best from you, Buddy. No “someday” needed. I gotta tell you, I already was impressed with your good humor and your brains and good sense, but this statement impresses me even more. You’re a good man, Pete. Some of us over on the other blog are still a little snake-bit from trying to gently criticize another blogger over his failure to walk the talk on some other issue worse than this. We really meant well, but what we got was silence, outrage, lies verbal hit-jobs and harassment. Most of y’all know what I’m talking about. I was really leery about criticizing you on this, but you showed you were the bigger man. God bless you, Pardner!


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Ditto and ditto.

        And I LOVE THE PANDA! It’s my devout dd’s fave animal since childhood and she JUST baptized her wee one. I know she will LOVE getting it in her email. 🙂


  2. GP

    I am headed to the mountains for a few days of hiking and then to my company convention, so I won’t have much time to check in for the next week.
    Water the plants and keep after those weeds while I am away.


  3. Apology accepted. We love you, Pete! ♡♡♡


  4. Violet

    No offense here, Pete. Who am I to judge someone for having an opinion that was formed by personal experience? I would only challenge you to frame it as I think you really see it: not in terms of race, but in terms of character. After all, it’s the actions that piss you off, not the color of the skin suit, right? Whether you take that advice or not, I’ll still be hanging around the garden…


  5. Auntie Lib

    Pete – you’d have to work a lot harder to offend me when you’re going after the POD in the WH. If you can’t vent your frustrations to friends – what are they for? Hang in there and keep the blood pressure down in the lower four digits – love you!