The Democrat War on Women

Filner and Weiner


Victims of Dem War on Women


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  1. GP

    Ivanka Trump tweeted how hard it is to leave her little one for sometimes 16 hour days.
    Now I know she has plenty of help, but good grief, there is no business more important than spending time with your kids.
    She says she is a better person for it. Well good for her, but I just think she is glamorized the whole “working mom” thing when most women who have to work are so frazzled they cannot enjoy either their kids or their job.


  2. Good column by Andrew Klavan on the party that claims to care about women:

    “This is the party whose most powerful senator left his probable mistress to drown after a car accident; the party whose most popular living president is a serial philanderer and accused rapist; the party whose most prominent woman rose to that prominence by virtue of her stand-by-your-man loyalty to a louse; and now the party of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, two men who have humiliated their wives with truly creepy behavior and yet seek to continue their political careers regardless.

    “We all make mistakes and it’s not that the GOP hasn’t got its share of sexual shenanigans, but the Republican establishment doesn’t routinely make excuses for its recidivist miscreants or make icons of their victimized spouses. The Dems…? They seem to think their political agenda somehow excuses their personal behavior. I joked on the Ricochet podcast last week that the party’s new slogan should be, ”Women — We Treat You Like Dirt, But At Least You Can Kill Your Unborn Children!”

    “And yet, that’s really not much of a joke, is it? In truth, Democrat women seem perfectly all right with that slogan. It’s actually a winner for them! You remember erstwhile Time magazine writer Nina Burleigh who defended Bill Clinton’s Oval Office affair with Monica Lewinsky, saying, “I’d be happy to give him a blow job just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.” And, a 22-year-old babe who sexted with Weiner told him, “Your health care rants were a huge turn-on.”

    “So in other words, Democrat women are willing — even eager — to abet the bad behavior of men as long as those men support the Democrats’ theoretically pro-woman agenda of legal abortions and taxpayer-funded health care.”

    Read the rest here.


  3. Another gem from John Hayward: Weiner and Filner Compete for the Coveted Title of Most Odious Democrat

    “With the combination of bitter divisiveness and willful ignorance for which she has become justly famed, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) declared on Twitter, “The GOP’s having a hard time attracting female candidates. With their policy stance on limiting women’s rights, is anyone really surprised?”

    “Well, the growing crowd of women fleeing from predatory Democrats like Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner might be a bit surprised, because they’ve been too busy dodging sweaty groping paws and smart-phone photos of even sweatier genitalia to keep track of the many prominent female Republican elected officials and candidates. Why, President Obama just adopted the policy on federal mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that has been long advocated by a lady that might be running for the Senate from Alaska. I am absolutely positive that not even a totalitarian blockhead like Debbie Wasserman Schultz has forgotten her name. She’s been living rent-free in Democrat heads for years. (…)

    “Luckily for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, her media pals will work hard to keep Weiner and Filner completely isolated from the rest of the party while they compete for the Most Odious Democrat title. If this was all happening to Republicans, the GOP president would be confronted with both of them at every single press availability, and we’d be hearing “War on Women” narratives about how they reveal the dark inner core of the misogynist, ageist, extremist GOP.

    “But the media doesn’t play that game with Democrats, ever. Not even when most of Bob Filner’s victims were moving in Democrat political circles, filed complaints that were suppressed by the Party apparatus, and almost certainly raised the kind of ruckus that would have been audible in Washington. He was a U.S. Congressman when a lot of this stuff happened, after all. None of that stopped the Adulterer-in-Chief himself, Bill Clinton, from heartily endorsing Filner for mayor in 2012. What difference does it make if a man is an out-of-control sexual predator, as long as he’s a Democrat with the correct abortion politics? Right, ladies?”

    Read the rest here.