OFA told its state affiliates to host Happy Birthday, Barack slash Why Obamacare Is Totes Awesome rallies on Sunday, August 4, 2013.

Or, as one tweeter put it,

“Let’s spend our Sunday worshiping the Savior, guys! – OFA”

2013_08 04 Cultic Obama birthday

Tweeters had some fun celebration suggestions:

  • To honor Pres Obama’s birthday, I’m going to fail at something and blame it on the rich.
  • Tomorrow is Pres Obama’s birthday. Send your best wishes to him in an email or text to your own friends. The NSA will pass it on for u.
  • At this point, what difference does his birthday make?
  • I’ll spend the day cleaning my Second Amendments.
  • I’m going to offer to take Barry skeet shooting. We know how much he loves it.
  • Send him some race cards, he’s about out. Maybe a hoodie too.
  • I am going to send him a photo of me, just like he does to me for every other holiday.
  • This morning, my dog created a small “statue” of Obama to honor him on his birthday.

Pay close attention to the Twitter screenshots below. These are the images OFA sent out, not images that their political opponents sent out! Seriously, folks. If you had none or one turn out, would you send out PICTURES?!

2013_08 04 Cultic glow dimmed

2013_08 04 Martinsville

About this next one … someone at PØLITICØ apparently got a phone call. The original headline – “Poor attendance at Obamacare event in Virginia” – was changed to “Obamacare message war goes local.” My guess is some naughty little lapdog is spending some quality time in his crate until he learns how to properly hump the massah … I mean, messiah.

2013_08 04 Only attendee was a volunteer working the phones

To be fair, some of the partays had some actual attendees. Maybe it was cuz they had cake. One of them even featured an ACTUAL EMPTY CHAIR that the royal butt had once graced back in ought nine. I bet they haven’t ever washed it. Ew. I think I threw up a little in my mouth.


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    Thanks for the prayers, Grunt. I felt well enough for a while to sit up and do a blog. 🙂