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January 1, 2013: The 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation

150 years. Do you know anyone that old? No? Me neither.

1863 Abe Lincoln

92 percent did not own slaves

  • During the Civil War, the Union armies had about two and a half million men.
  • The majority were white Protestants.
  • Less than 200,000 were African American.

They gave life and limb




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Movie recommend: I have never forgotten you

I have never forgotten you

PARENTS: Pay close attention to that PG-13! This is not for children! It contains graphic and very disturbing photos and videos of Nazi atrocities. For those ready to handle the truth about the Holocaust, it’s an excellent primer.

It’s also a fantastic movie. When I saw it, I had just watched “A Man Called Peter” about the life of Peter Marshall. I don’t know what the genre is called … a biography that’s acted out, not a documentary. They often seem to suffer what I called “stone on pond syndrome”… skipping through the subject’s life, pausing to show a scene from childhood, a scene from young adulthood, etc. It’s interesting to learn about a real person, but the movies themselves can be as dull as documentaries.

The funny thing was that then I watched this Wiesenthal flick, which actually is a documentary and which also tells the story of a man’s life … but it was fascinating! The pacing is so well done and the thematic elements so well planned that it felt like I was watching a feature film, not a documentary.

But I must reiterate the STRONG CAUTION to parents.

I knew a man who had helped open a death camp when he was in the war and he showed me the photos he took with his own camera when I was a young woman. I’ve seen the Diary of Anne Frank, The Hiding Place and others, read the books as well.

I’m no stranger to what was done and what it looked like. YET the images in this documentary still shocked me enough that I needed to pause a few times and just walk around and breathe for a while.


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Totally cool!

The view of Earth from Saturn as imaged by the Cassini spacecraft. (Which Grunt had a small part in helping to launch about 16 years ago)

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