Buzz demonstrates the Four Natural Aids

2013_07 30 Buzz demonstrates the Four Natural Aids

Oops. Make that three.

[This will only be funny to horsey people.]


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6 responses to “Buzz demonstrates the Four Natural Aids

  1. I’m *almost* too embarrassed to ask. Apparently I’m not horsey enough! I just don’t get it. Can you explain, Chrissy? Even if it ruins the funny?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      The four natural aids are Leg, Hands, Seat and Voice. Since Bunny has her passy plugged into her face, she can’t use Voice.

      I’ll be so glad when Bunny outgrows her plug. er mum was also addicted to her pacifier and I sucked my thumb until I was four, so I’m not holding my breath! LOL

      Horsey info: There are also four artificial aids, including Bit, Spurs, Whip, and Crop.

      These are all usually covered in the first riding lesson and are repeated ad nauseum, I expect right up to the Olympic level. I certainly heard, “Use your aids, dammit” often enough! LOL


      • chrissythehyphenated

        I think Buzz’s horse just heard that bit about spurs and whips. LOL


      • Well, I’ll be. I’ve ridden the big critters since I was 10 or so, off and on, and lived on working ranches, and live in horse country now, but since I’ve never taken a lesson I’m totally ignorant of that terminology! 😳 Man, am I embarrassed. Also never ridden English style, so that might make a difference. Thanks for filling me in! That WAS funny! I’m just impressed that your daughter made sure they each have their own horses. That’s a good mom. 🙂


        • chrissythehyphenated

          I rode a little Western (rental trail ride on vacay in CA), but I didn’t like the feel of it and never took any lessons in Western, so yeah, probably this is an English riding thing.

          Horses are so wonderful, I can’t imagine God won’t include them on the New Earth. I’m looking forward to finally having my own to love and care for and ride (English of course! LOL) whenever I want.

          I’m also cool with bareback. One of my instructors had me bareback on a lunge line for ages while we trained a green mare and improved my balance and confidence.

          But I do love the look and feel of English tack. I had the most gorgeous hard hat … Scots green velvet. After I quit riding, the helmet made me sad, so I gave it away.

          The one English thing I HATE HATE HATE is soring. I just cannot imagine what kind of person could own and care for and ride and show a beautiful, gentle animal like a Tennessee Walker and DO THAT.

          If I can, someday in the next life, I would love to be able to help heal the souls and spirits of sored horses. One of my kids wants to work with abused dogs while another is eager to raise aborted babies.

          I don’t know if the New Earth will be like this, but it makes me happy to think it might be and I am certain if it’s not, whatever God has planned will be even better.