Turkeys in my yard

2013_07 28 Turkeys in the yard

We never water or put any chemicals or food on our lawn and Dearest mows it at the highest setting without a bag. Consequently, we have a healthy, diverse micro-environment out there that maintains itself without any chemicals or effort and attracts interesting visitors like this Mama Turkey and her brood.

Every August, Dearest crows about how the neighbors’ high maintenance “golf course” lawns are all brown while our “whatever volunteers and survives mowing is welcome” stays green even when it is hot and dry.

We’ve been here 29 years this month. Oh my … this week-end in fact. I just noticed. Anyway, I’ve only once had someone make a remark about our weeds, along the lines of, “Maybe you could do something about the dandelions?”

And I said, sincerely puzzled, “Why would I want to do anything about the dandelions?  They’re loaded with Vitamin C for the bunnies and the groundhog who lives under the shed, they stay green all through August. They’re so pretty when they’re in bloom and when they’ve gone to seed and look ugly, they attract goldfinches, which are my favorite bird.”

I never heard any more after that.

Goldfinches love dandelion seeds

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