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Turkeys in my yard

2013_07 28 Turkeys in the yard

We never water or put any chemicals or food on our lawn and Dearest mows it at the highest setting without a bag. Consequently, we have a healthy, diverse micro-environment out there that maintains itself without any chemicals or effort and attracts interesting visitors like this Mama Turkey and her brood.

Every August, Dearest crows about how the neighbors’ high maintenance “golf course” lawns are all brown while our “whatever volunteers and survives mowing is welcome” stays green even when it is hot and dry.

We’ve been here 29 years this month. Oh my … this week-end in fact. I just noticed. Anyway, I’ve only once had someone make a remark about our weeds, along the lines of, “Maybe you could do something about the dandelions?”

And I said, sincerely puzzled, “Why would I want to do anything about the dandelions?  They’re loaded with Vitamin C for the bunnies and the groundhog who lives under the shed, they stay green all through August. They’re so pretty when they’re in bloom and when they’ve gone to seed and look ugly, they attract goldfinches, which are my favorite bird.”

I never heard any more after that.

Goldfinches love dandelion seeds

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News Updates

Post-abortion syndrome

The Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences published a summary of 31 studies comparing women’s psychological well-being after delivering the baby, having a miscarriage, or procuring an abortion.

The conclusion of the authors is that the risk of mental disorders (depression, PTSD, etc.) was highest for abortion and lowest for childbirth. This was true even when the pregnancy had been unplanned. In nine studies that compared just abortion and miscarriage, short-term anxiety and depression were higher in the miscarriage group, while long-term anxiety and depression were higher in the abortion group.

IOW, there’s no scientific evidence for the pro-abort claim that abortion has no psychological or psychiatric consequences. If the left cared about women for real, they’d insist that everyone considering abortion have this information before making a decision and those who choose to abort be provided with a list of symptoms to watch for and mental health numbers to call should help be needed.

Ariel Castro

After initially pleading not guilty to a 977-count indictment that includes charges related to kidnapping women and holding them in the basement of his home, where he raped them and assaulted them to the point of causing abortions, Ariel Castro has accepted a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. The plea means the victims and their families will be spared a long trial, having to endure the grisly details of Castro’s lengthy and horrific crimes.

Women deserve better than abortion

The North Carolina State Senate passed a bill 32-13 that would provide more to help pregnant women carry to term and end taxpayer financing of abortions. The governor says he’ll sign it into law.

2013_07 24 Father Lolo and Eucharistic Miracle

July 24, 2013: A Mexican priest, Father Jose Dolores Castellanos Gudino, is claiming that, after hearing the voice of God, the host which he had just consecrated began to bleed. The bloody host was available for adoration for some time at Mary Mother of the Church located in Colonia Jardines de la Paz (Guadalajara, Mexico). The Archbishop has ordered the Host to be reposed and for both it and Father Lolo (as he is known to his parishioners) to be examined.

INCREDIBLE crowd estimates at WYD

July 28, 2013: THREE MILLION! That is the number the Associated Press is reporting for the crowd that attended Pope Francis’ final Mass at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I went to Mass with 10,000 people once. It was overwhelming. I can’t begin to imagine what worshiping with 3,000,000 would be like! And these are YOUNG people from around the world … the very demographic for whom the Left claims the Catholic Church holds nothing of interest. Wow.

2013_07 28 WYD crowd beach for final Mass

July 27, 2013: Hundreds of thousands of young people gathered on Copacabana beach for a prayer vigil Saturday night. Many stayed and slept on the white sand in anticipation of Pope Francis’ final Mass in the morning.

2013_07 27 WYD prayer vigil on beach

Nearly the entire 2.5 mile crescent of the beach overflowed with people, some of them taking an early morning dip in the Atlantic and others tossing t-shirts, flags and soccer jerseys into the pontiff’s open-sided car as he drove by.

Francis worked the crowd, kissing babies, taking a sip of mate tea handed up to him and catching gifts on the fly. Even the normally stern-faced Vatican bodyguards let smiles slip as they jogged alongside his car, caught up in the enthusiasm of the crowd.

Those who brought sleeping bags are being encouraged to give them to the homeless before they leave. This is in keeping with the pontiff’s WYD message to go out and spread our faith “to the fringes of society,” to the poor and to those who seem the most indifferent.

Pope Francis himself journeyed into the poorest and most dangerous section of the city to walk the talk.

GOOD video report [5:33] from Fox News @ http://video.foxnews.com/v/2568003218001/what-we-have-learned-about-pope-francis-during-brazil-visit/



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