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The BroChoice movement says abortion should be legal, without limits and without apology for the very simple reason that they want to have consequence-free sex without limits and without apology. Pro-Life men are fighting back.

Young Men Speaking Out for Life [3:49]

Word has reached us of yet another victim of China’s brutal one-child-or-else policy. On July 9, Li Fengfei was 18 weeks pregnant when local Family Planning Officials dragged to their office, beat her, knocking out one of her front teeth, then forced her fingerprint onto the abortion consent form and injected toxins into her uterus. This week, Ms. Li is near death and her baby – now dead – remains in her womb.

Legal doesn't make it right

The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Manville, New Jersey, is closing this summer. They declined to comment as to why.

Raise your hand

When a black couple attempted to rent booth space at this year’s 104th National NAACP conference in Florida, plenty of exhibit space remained open. But when NAACP found out they were conservatives, they were refused a booth. The NAACP is allegedly about promoting equality of rights of all persons, but in reality they are fanatically left-wing and pro-abortion.


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