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Blaming Detroit on Racist Republicans?

Of course! Because when Leftist policies destroy a once vibrant city, it’s OBVIOUSLY the fault of all those people who were NOT in charge for SIXTY YEARS!


Lefty libtard Sally Kohn not only blamed Republican policies, but also divestment, cuz obviously when people refuse to invest in a dying city, it’s All About Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism.

2013_07 22 iowahawk tweets about Detroit


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It is getting more and more depressing every day watching this once-great country of ours swirl the bowl and see those mainly responsible acting like it’s everybody else’s fault.In 2007-08,unemployment was 4.8% and real GDP was over 4%.The media screamed incessantly it was ‘the worst economy since the great depression’ and we lost.We had a presidential candidate who didn’t really want to win,but the dems also got a majority in the House and a veto-proof majority in the Senate.Fast forward to today.For the 87,953rd time,Obama is “focusing like a laser” on jobs.This is all a distraction to keep the focus off Obamacare,amnesty and all the scandals that would have doomed any other president,but not the golden child.The despicable part is that he will get away with anything he wants.And he knows it.What is worse is there are a pair of Arkansas grifters ready to move back in to finish picking whatever meat is left on the carcass.And I probably won’t live long enough to ever see another republican president.









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Late Breaking News!

George Zimmerman has changed his name to Ben Ghazi so the media will stop talking about him.

Zimmerman vs Obama

Obama Still no word what BHO did during Benghazi

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What Do George Zimmerman and Roderick Scott Have in Common?

2009 Cervini and Scott

When I saw the headline above, I could only wonder … who is Roderick Scott? Here’s the story:

In 2009, a man was asleep on his couch when he heard noises outside. He grabbed his gun, told his girlfriend to call 911, then went outside. Once there, he confronted three youths who were attempting to break into a neighbor’s vehicle.

His desire was to merely detain the three. He specifically stated it was not his intent to shoot anyone. As he approached the three, he could see that the dome light of the vehicle was on and at least one person was inside rummaging around.

From that point, things start to ramp up. “At that point, Scott testified he pulled his handgun out of the holster, and chambered a round. ‘I wanted to protect myself and I intended to,’ Scott said.” As he approached one individual, that individual began walking away. There were two still left looking through things on the inside of the vehicle.

At this point, Scott said he took the “shooter’s stance” because he said he did not know what he was up against and did not know if any of the individuals were armed.

“He told the individuals to stop, that his girlfriend had called 911, and that he had a gun. The individuals stopped, and a few seconds passed. Scott says the teens were talking, then one of them ran around the front of the truck. The other ran down the driveway toward him, screaming. Scott warned him he had a gun, then shot him.”

The shooter – Roderick Scott – was immediately arrested and charged with murder. A citizen’s grand jury recommended the lighter charge of manslaughter, which was what the prosecution went with for Scott. There was a trial and Scott was acquitted of all charges.

Cervini was an honor student who had never been in trouble or arrested for anything and whose father described as gentle. Cervini had also not laid a hand on Scott, had not even come in contact with Scott when he was gunned down.

Clearly, George Zimmerman was much more careful of Trayvon Martin’s life than Roderick Scott had been of Chris Cervini’s, yet they were both acquitted for defending themselves and only Zimmerman has been demonized … no doubt because “racial tension” goes only one way in this country and, in the Roderick case, the shooter was black and the victim was white.

Remember ANY racial tension or media brouhaha about the Roderick Scott case back in 2009?

Remember ANY Neo-Nazi Race-Baiting White Supremacists being praised by President Obama, appearing on television shows with friendly hosts, or having meetings with top Race-Baiting White Government Leaders and Justice and Liberty Loving White Hollywood Celebrities back in 2009?

Remember ANY Persons of Pallor holding vigils to honor White Martyr Chris or wearing shirts with Scott’s face and a target on them back in 2009?

Remember ANY Persons of Pallor marching, rioting, looting, setting fires or randomly attacking black people in the streets back in 2009?

Me neither.



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Pro-Life News

The BroChoice movement says abortion should be legal, without limits and without apology for the very simple reason that they want to have consequence-free sex without limits and without apology. Pro-Life men are fighting back.

Young Men Speaking Out for Life [3:49]

Word has reached us of yet another victim of China’s brutal one-child-or-else policy. On July 9, Li Fengfei was 18 weeks pregnant when local Family Planning Officials dragged to their office, beat her, knocking out one of her front teeth, then forced her fingerprint onto the abortion consent form and injected toxins into her uterus. This week, Ms. Li is near death and her baby – now dead – remains in her womb.

Legal doesn't make it right

The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Manville, New Jersey, is closing this summer. They declined to comment as to why.

Raise your hand

When a black couple attempted to rent booth space at this year’s 104th National NAACP conference in Florida, plenty of exhibit space remained open. But when NAACP found out they were conservatives, they were refused a booth. The NAACP is allegedly about promoting equality of rights of all persons, but in reality they are fanatically left-wing and pro-abortion.


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