While the Obamedia obsessed about Trayvon … UPDATES

… Israel bombed Russian-made missiles within Syria, Russia has amassed over 160,000 troops, naval ships, fighter planes, and strategic bombers that Putin put on a state of “full combat readiness” today, and the federal debt bomb just keeps ticking away.

2013_07 22 Debt Clock

While we’re at it, let’s just think back, shall we? WHEN exactly was the last time you heard any mention of the fact that we STILL have troops fighting and dying in Afghanistan? Where’s all the brouhaha about Blood for Oil and Stupid Wars? Why isn’t Code Pink camped outside Obama’s place?

But let's talk about Trayvon



Ben Ghazi

A son



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2 responses to “While the Obamedia obsessed about Trayvon … UPDATES

  1. George Zimmerman rescued some people from an overturned truck, according to ABC news. Astonishingly, ABC did not blame Zimmerman for causing the accident. But they couldn’t resist pointing out that the accident occurred “less than a mile from where [Zimmerman] shot Martin.”