The media doesn’t have clean hands

Charles Barkley on Zimmerman: A black athlete who makes sense [2:21]

Best lines: “They didn’t have enough evidence to charge him.” He “feels bad” that the trial gave “every white person and black person who is racist the platform to vent their ignorance.” He also called out the media for not having a “pure heart” when it comes to race. “Racism is wrong in any, shape or form,” Barkley said. “A lot of black people are racist too. I think sometimes when people talk about racism, they say only white people are racist, but I think black people are too. I don’t think the media has clean hands.”

2013_06 25 It's not about race It's about character


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2 responses to “The media doesn’t have clean hands

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but dang … when I heard Helen Thomas had kicked the bucket (finally), my first thought was, “Good.”


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Good stuff at Twitchy:

    “I wonder if jew hating would be merely controversial if helen thomas was on the right.”

    “Barry and Helen sittin in a tree,
    Anti-Semites plain as can be
    First comes race, then comes hate
    Then comes the media to equivocate!”