Blacks hating on blacks

Sanger and LBJ RACISTS

Yesterday, CNN host Piers Morgan debated black conservative talk radio host Larry Elder about race in America. Elder spoke hard truths, which triggered a vitriolic Twitter attack.

You can see numerous examples of these hate tweets @

One of the most common slurs thrown at Elder was “house nigger.” I’ve been thinking about this “house nigger” thing lately.

As I understand it, the house slaves got goodies from their owners by supporting them in their oppression of the field slaves. Given the massive damage that leftist policies have wrought on black America, it seems to me that blacks who support these policies are the true “house niggers”, not the conservative blacks like Elder who see and speak the truth.

Racism Republicans do something about it


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  1. From nearly 5 years ago…
    Assorted Thoughts on Racism
    Posted on October 15, 2008


  2. From 2008:

    ESSENCE.COM: What are people saying?
    HARRIS: Let me just pull some up now. [Reading] “Hey man, are you the plant that sucked up to McCain? What were you thinking? You should be ashamed of yourself.” “Are you that self-loathing bastard?” This is just at random. “You are lost, sad and worthy of pity. I will not hate you; I will call you by your rightful name: House Nigger.” And that was mild! [Laughs.]

    The racists are those who said those things to Harris.


  3. GP

    Great additions ITTRP!