Get the truth out

Trayvon was not a sweet young boy. He was a full grown man with a lot of attitude who attacked George Zimmerman and split his head open.

Trayvon Media vs Reality

Trayvon O'bama

Zimmerman's head wounds



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  1. All excellent points.

    As to the last picture, I think it is important to ask the question:

    Who drew blood first?

    Clearly, Trayvon Martin drew blood first, from both the front and back of George Zimmerman’s head.

    The “unarmed” Trayvon Martin was NOT “unarmed”… Trayvon Martin was armed with two very powerful arms and fists that repeatedly pounded George Zimmerman’s head, breaking George Zimmerman’s nose and pounding George Zimmerman’s head into concrete.

    George Zimmerman shot 1 shot in self defence, to make the assault by Trayvon Martin stop.

    Clearly, George Zimmerman did NOT shoot first and then break his own nose and pound his own head into concrete second.

    If the media told the truth about Trayvon Martin, public perception about this case would be very different.

    Instead, the media chose to commit criminal malpractice in their reporting of this case, and those who believe the media lies and distortions are ready to riot.


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    I saw this coming over 5 years ago… months before he was even elected…

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