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Pro-Abortion activists: The “gift” that keeps on stinking

2013_07 09 pro abort tweets death threat

2013_07 12 Pro Aborts plan disgusting protest

2013_07 12 Jesus isn't a

Typical liberal argument:

  • “Keep the government out of my sex life!”
  • “The government has to guarantee my right to get gay married!”
  • “Keep the government out of my reproductive decisions!”
  • “The government has to pay for my birth control and abortions!”
  • “If a complete ban on gun saves even one child, we MUST do it!”
  • “Abortion on demand and without apologies!”

Typical Conservative Response

  •  “If your side of the debate is getting ready to throw urine and feces, your side has lost!”


Texas Senate passed the post-20-week abortion ban!

Bill now moves on to Governor Perry for his signature!


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Convos with My 2 Year Old

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Two boys honor the Red, White and Blue


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The much-maligned Birther movement is being vindicated

2013_07 08 World Tribune Birther report

July 10, 2013 – Rep. Stockman Interested In Moving Obama ID Fraud To Congressional Investigation

July 8, 2012 – World Tribune article: Forensic findings on Obama’s birth certificate: ‘A 100 percent forgery, no doubt about it’


June 1, 2013 – Sheriff Joe Obama ID Fraud Presentation [1:03:20]

May 14, 2013 – Zullo’s affidavit to the Supreme Court of Alabama

Click to access AlabamaZulloAffidavit.pdf

H/t itooktheredpill


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Angel Love

2013_07 Angel love $75

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