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The FACT is that small business owners cannot afford OBAMACARE

The cost of providing health insurance would put them out of business altogether.

One way they’re coping is to cut workers’ hours below 30 per week.  Some have adopted a slash-and-share plan with other businesses in their local areas.

E.g., Someone could work 25 hours at one and 25 at another. The employee gets enough hours to stay at their previous income level without either business being forced into a financially ruinous health plan.

The downside of this for the employees? Maybe working at two different places is not that big a deal. But ObamaCare will require them to cough up the bucks for their OWN health plan and THAT is a big deal.

They should’ve read it before they passed it. And now they should kill it dead before it kills our economy. But they probably won’t. Why not? Because they DO NOT GIVE A CRAP. THEY have cushy jobs with GOLD PLATED HEALTH INSURANCE.

2012 Two million on coffee and pastries

Something else they want to TAX so they can have MORE MONEY to shovel into their campaign donors’ pockets and thus ensure they keep those cushy, pastry-rich jobs.

Democrats - Stifling businesses in all 50 states

Source @ http://money.cnn.com/2013/07/08/smallbusiness/obamacare-fatburger/index.html
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Yeesh;I take a day off and the bookmarks stack up like cord wood.If anyone hasn’t seen it,go to the video of Rafael Cruz that Red posted under ‘invading every area of freedom’.Its clear to see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.He draws a frightening parallel between Obozo and his role model,Fidel Castro.And he should know.

Prayers up for Terayza Heinz-Kerry who was rushed to the hospital in serious condition yesterday.Liveshot is on his yacht making out his ad for Craigslist:

Very important Blueblood politician who served in Vietnam seeks extremely wealthy heiress for long-term relationship.Don’t bother sending photo,looks don’t matter.Need to send copy of passbook accounts and investment portfolio.Be prepared to live in the shadows while I bask in my own personal glory.Very discerning,so if I find a richer old broad,you’re outta here.


funny dog pictures - Dear Monday Morning,  Go Away










Obama Schedule || Monday, July 8, 2013


9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

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Didn’t CNN used to be a news station?

July 7, 2013

2013_07 07 CNN Wrong flag

… Flags are hard.

July 6, 2013

  • CNN anchors argue on air whether it is appropriate to describe the SFO plane crash as “horrifying.”
  • Wolf Blitzer updates about passengers and crew still missing, “They don’t know where they are right now, uh, presumably, uh, they’re searching.”
  • CNN asks a lady if she was shocked when she saw A PLANE CRASH. So much dumb in that question.
  • Wolf Blitzer wonders aloud, “Did people get sucked out the back?”
  • Wolf Blitzer obsesses for 30 mins about 60+ alleged ppl unaccounted for, even AFTER official press conf says only 1 still missing.
  • Wolf Blitzer and Richard Quest ramble about passenger count. Apparently can’t do subtraction problem on air.
  • Tweeter notes a cheap calculator could have saved about 40 minutes of broadcast news time.
  • Tweeter begs CNN to give Wolf an abacus.

July 3, 2013

  • Huge upheaval in one of the most geopolitically important nations in history. CNN gives priority to live coverage of Zimmerman trial.
  • CNN airs statement from Egyptian military: Constitution suspended. President thrown out.
  • CNN assures viewers they’ll get back to Zimmerman “in a moment.”
  • CNN website refers to ousted Morsi as “Morsy.”

July 1, 2013

2013_07 01 N word vs cracker

  • Since you’re censoring one of the two, doesn’t that answer the question?
  • Seriously? They spent TIME on this?
  • That’s not fair and balanced! FOX would’ve had some crackers on that panel!
  • Where would we be as a society without hard hitting journalism such as this?
  • Question: N Word Vs. Cracker: Which is Worse? Answer: CNN.

May 6, 2013

2013_05 06 CNN Wrong flag

… Flags are really, really hard.

Suggestions for new CNN logos

  • Crap Not News
  • Communist Nincompoop Network
  • Not As Bad As MSNBC



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Train explosion in Quebec

2013_07 06 Lac-Megantic in flames

A parked train carrying crude oil rolled, derailed and caught fire in the small Quebec town of Lac-Mégantic. The explosions and humongous fire forced 2,000 people from their homes. As of Sunday around 5 pm, there were 5 confirmed dead, with 40 still missing.


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