The Democrat Dictionary of Relative Terms UPDATED

UPDATE: ABC News (aka, the All Barack Channel) butt snorkels the bias with “news” report about how HARD Kerry was working on EGYPT … while he was yachting and strolling around Nantucket.

The Democrat Dictionary of Relative Terms:

In addition to previous entries such as “is”, “sexual relations”, and “transparency”, please now add “completely inaccurate” and “briefly.”

As our ally — aka, Egypt — goes up in flames and Morsi — aka, the Egyptian president Obama gave big honking military weapons to — goes down in flames, one might suppose that Obama’s new Secretary of State — aka, John “Reporting For Duty” Kerry — would be, you know, On Duty.

2013 Aid to Egypt

2013_07 05 Egypt protests turn deadly

Some bozo claimed he saw Obama’s SecState in Nantucket, a ritzy island off Massachusetts which just doesn’t look very good for the Ø Administration, so naturally, they put out a “SecState Kerry has his NOSE to the grindstone in DC” message.

Except, oh wait, it wasn’t just one person who saw him cruising around on his 1%er YACHT. It was like … you know … SEVERAL.

Oh wait … hang on … make that four. Oops, five. And damn how many people have cameras and wireless uploading these days. Add a pesky video of Kerry’s motorcade violating Nantucket traffic regs and a state cop who confirmed that it was Kerry’s motorcade.

And THEN, dammit, as the BBC reported Morsi had been ousted, the Boston Herald reported (with pictures) that Kerry was enjoying a “sun splashed” vacay with his family on the other side of the globe from our beleaguered ally.

2013_07 Kerry is not oh wait he is in Nantucket

2013_07 05 State Dept lies

Seriously. Is there anything this Administration WON’T lie about?

WORTH A READ: Obama offers revisionist history on his approach to Egypt – July 2, 2013



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9 responses to “The Democrat Dictionary of Relative Terms UPDATED

  1. Great post, Chrissy.

    With all of the lies this administration tells, you have to wonder if the BLS data, as mediocre as it has been for the last 4+ years, is actually worse than what they’ve been showing. I tend to lean on the side of believing it, because if they were going to lie and fudge the data, I think they would choose the BIG LIE and pretend everything is great…

    The June data was released today.

    My graph of the updated Employment-population ratio data looks like this:

    Employment-Population Ratio and Averages, Jan 1995 - Jun 2013

    A commenter at HotAir mentioned this link and graph:

    Obamacare Strikes: Part-Time Jobs Surge To All Time High; Full-Time Jobs Plunge By 240,000

    And IowaHawk hit the nail on the head:

    Unemployment report in a nutshell: the Taco Bell that had 30 40 hour workers now has 40 30 hour workers.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    From Twitchy

    A: George Bush focused on ____ despite vacationing at his Texas ranch.
    Q: What is something ABC News never said when Bush was president?
    Trebek: Correct.


  3. Violet

    Ok. So the left is saying, “big deal, he was working remotely.” And that may be true, but the problem is not whether he was working on board; it is that this administration lies about everything! They would lie about the color of the sky, or what they had for breakfast! When someone lies so blatantly and frequently about little things, how can you believe anything they say about the big, important things?

    When you point out something like that to a leftist, they act like your anger over being lied to is an overreaction. After all, it wasn’t a BIG lie…just a little one. Forget about the fact that you should be able to expect a basic amount of credibility from the freaking State Dept.

    This is how emotionally abusive relationships work. Abusers will heap lies and mistreatment upon the victim so fast and furious, that the victim eventually starts to push back a little, maybe pointing out a lie or two. When that happens, the abuser will redirect the argument so that the victim is made out to be irrational and over-reactionary. This has been the Zero admin’s modus operandi since day 1.

    I have been in abusive relationships before…being stuck in another one with my own government, from which I can’t escape without leaving behind everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve, well, it’s beyond galling. I almost pity the enablers on the left, because their time will come. Abusers don’t have any more respect for the useful idiots who take their side, than they have for their victims who fight back; in fact, they have even more contempt for fools who suffer them willingly.

    Ok, rant over. Sorry for the novella! I guess I’m a little fired up today.