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Serenity Prayer in Context

CAT Serenity Prayer

If you’ve ever needed a 12 step program, you’ll get this. 🙂

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The Democrat Dictionary of Relative Terms UPDATED

UPDATE: ABC News (aka, the All Barack Channel) butt snorkels the bias with “news” report about how HARD Kerry was working on EGYPT … while he was yachting and strolling around Nantucket.



The Democrat Dictionary of Relative Terms:

In addition to previous entries such as “is”, “sexual relations”, and “transparency”, please now add “completely inaccurate” and “briefly.”

As our ally — aka, Egypt — goes up in flames and Morsi — aka, the Egyptian president Obama gave big honking military weapons to — goes down in flames, one might suppose that Obama’s new Secretary of State — aka, John “Reporting For Duty” Kerry — would be, you know, On Duty.

2013 Aid to Egypt

2013_07 05 Egypt protests turn deadly

Some bozo claimed he saw Obama’s SecState in Nantucket, a ritzy island off Massachusetts which just doesn’t look very good for the Ø Administration, so naturally, they put out a “SecState Kerry has his NOSE to the grindstone in DC” message.

Except, oh wait, it wasn’t just one person who saw him cruising around on his 1%er YACHT. It was like … you know … SEVERAL.

Oh wait … hang on … make that four. Oops, five. And damn how many people have cameras and wireless uploading these days. Add a pesky video of Kerry’s motorcade violating Nantucket traffic regs and a state cop who confirmed that it was Kerry’s motorcade.

And THEN, dammit, as the BBC reported Morsi had been ousted, the Boston Herald reported (with pictures) that Kerry was enjoying a “sun splashed” vacay with his family on the other side of the globe from our beleaguered ally.

2013_07 Kerry is not oh wait he is in Nantucket

2013_07 05 State Dept lies

Seriously. Is there anything this Administration WON’T lie about?

WORTH A READ: Obama offers revisionist history on his approach to Egypt – July 2, 2013




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