Blood on their hands

Personally opposed doesn't make you a liberal

The Obama administration has decided to put off imposing the “must provide health insurance to employees” mandate on businesses with more than 50 employees. It’s not gone, just … you know … POSTPONED … until … wait for it … AFTER the midterm elections next year.

And oh by the by, those of us who do not have insurance at work? We are not getting any deferral. We either have to purchase an individual policy or pay the fine.

Individual Mandate for Dummies

And either way … policy or fine … that money WILL GO TO PAY FOR FREE STERILIZATIONS AND ABORTIONS.


I made the Moloch cartoon during the 2008 campaign. It was NO SECRET that Obama and the Democrat Party were not pro “choice” but PRO ABORTION. It seems to me that unrepentant Christians who support(ed) them and their ungodly agendas are going to be hearing, “I never knew you”, when they get to the Judgment Seat.

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