Obama supports war on Christians at home and abroad

June 26, 2013: The Department of Health and Human Services today released the final text of the final adjustments to the Obamacare regulation that requires virtually all health-care plans to provide cost-free coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.


Syrian insurgents supported by Barack Obama have beheaded two Christians before a video camera and a cheering crowd. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are also supporting these butchers who also recently executed a Catholic priest and last month burned an entire Christian village in to the ground. Meanwhile, two Christian bishops kidnapped in Aleppo at the beginning of the year are still missing.


2013 RIP Father Murad

As far as I’m concerned, the Second Coming cannot happen too soon.


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  1. Some saw this coming from even before the 2008 election…

    Obama’s Jihad: Jakarta to the Whitehouse


  2. But my journey is part of a larger journey- one shared by all who’ve ever sought to apply the values of their faith to our society. It’s a journey that takes us back to our nation’s founding, when none other than a UCC church inspired the Boston Tea Party and helped bring an Empire to its knees.

    – Barack Hussein Obama
    June 23, 2007


    • GP

      That was some list you put together! Have you added any updates?
      How do you feel about the chill between Barry and Putin in their recent meeting? It did not seem like they are in cahoots , as you once implied.


      • (This reply will have a bit of “stream of consciousness” feeling to it…)

        As to updates, I did update the post multiple times, but more recently I have tended to put new info in the comments under the post, rather than updating the post itself.

        I think Putin generally sees Islam in the light of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” when it comes to the U.S., but that does not mean that they (Putin and Islam) are great friends. Russia still has it’s own issues with radical Jihadists.

        I think Barry’s ties are stronger to the Islamic world than they are to Putin. And don’t forget that what is done in front of the press is usually done in full knowledge that it is being done in front of the press (there are some rare “unknown hot mike” situations, but they are the exception, not the rule). The press generally tells you exactly what the administration wants you to believe.

        There is no doubt that Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett is one of Obama’s closest advisors. Her twitter handle, @VJ44 seems to imply that she considers herself the 44th President. And she cares very much how she is portrayed