Our Lady of the Sierras

Recently, I posted a photo of a statue of Mary that came through the Black Forest fire unscathed @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/look-who-survived-the-black-forest-fire/.

Mama Buzz emailed back to remind me of the similar miraculous survival of the statues at Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine in Hereford, Arizona.

The Buzzers were near there when the Monument Fire burned out of control. Daddy Buzz helped fight it, while Mama kept the car packed and the kids ready for possible evacuation. Thankfully, they, their home and personal belongings were not touched.

But the Mary shrine at Hereford was in the middle of one of the evacuated areas hit hardest. Mama Buzz sent me photos and links so I could blog about it for you. Our God is so amazing!

Click on graphics to embiggen them.

01 Sierra Shrine - Before After Fire

02 Sierra Shrine - After panorama and closeup

03 Sierra Shrine - After Fire details

04 Sierra Shrine - Revelation Angel

05 Sierra Shrine - Chapel

06 Sierra Shrine - Abortion Angel

07 Sierra Shrine - 9 months later

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  1. Outstanding, Chrissy. Thanks for these photos.

    About 10 years ago, we had a vandal fire out in Burlington, CO, that pretty much gutted the church of St. Catherine but left it standing.
    Sanctuary broken into. Blessed Sacrament scattered and desecrated. Much of the sanctuary was burned, and statues were specifically targeted, so I believe the large wooden crucifix was pulled down and destroyed, but not sure. A few years ago we visited the pastor, Fr. Bob Newbury, who is a family friend, and he showed us the statues of St. Catherine and Mary, which somehow survived without damage, despite being in the midst of the fire.