It’s a baby!

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At Planned Parenthood, they’ll tell you a preborn human being is just an undifferentiated lump of cells. But at this site, preborn human development is celebrated as the miracle it truly is.


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15 responses to “It’s a baby!

  1. OMG that video is adorable! Little kids are so much smarter than some adults when it comes to stuff like this.

    My son was a very late talker, and some people (not I, of course) had their doubts about his intelligence. Partly this was due to his being so big for his age, which made people think he was much older than he really was. Anyway, one day he was toddling around, looking for some mischief to get into, and he saw a book lying around that had a photograph on the cover of an unborn child at about 12 weeks’ gestation. He immediately pointed at it and said “Baby!”

    Obviously, there was nothing wrong with his intelligence at all.