Not feeling the LØVE … it’s not just for Right Wingnuts anymore!

Ich bin ein snoop: The Stasi (East German secret police) monitored almost every form of communication in an attempt to root out anti-Communist sentiment. Since gaining freedom, Germans are naturally very twitchy about being spied on and have gone to great lengths to ensure Internet companies protect user privacy. They were sooooooo NOT AMUSED to hear the Ø administration has been acting very Stasi-like and so greeted Snoop POTUS Snoop’s arrival in Germany with an anti-Ø protest.

2013_06 18 Yes we scan

Later, Obama gave his second speech at the Brandenburg Gate, but it proved to be as flat and listless as his previous one was soaring and whooptido. No doubt he was off his game in part because TOTUS* wasn’t doing his job and in part because the crowd was so puny that even the Ø-drooling CNN had to admit it numbered “less than 5,000.”

Last time he flapped his pie hole at that particular venue, he had 200,000 screaming, swooning fans in the audience. What a come down for the First Narcissist!

*TOTUS: Teleprompter Of The United States

Clearly some of said fans have not hit bottom with their kool-aid and rose-colored glasses addiction. CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux called his yawner of a speech “historic” and a later CNN headline proclaimed that he “speaks to the history books.” Yeah, right.

If Bush had done such a lame replay of a previous historic speech, CNN et al. would’ve been playing the worst bits over and over while peeing their pants about the pathetic turn-out.

Poor Chris Matthews’ addiction has gone the way so many do. He still needs his fix, but he clearly isn’t feeling the tingle like he used to. He actually admitted OUT LOUD and ON AIR that Obama wasn’t doing very well without TOTUS. Wow.

I mean … really. Wow. If a Fox anchor had said the EXACT SAME THING, Matthews would’ve labeled him a RAAAAAAAAAACIST and added “teleprompter” to the list of Dog Whistle Racial Code Words.

Teh Won reminds me of a package of badly-plated headpins I once bought. They looked great in the package and the price was right. But when I tried to make loops with them, the plating peeled right off, exposing the cheap metal underneath. I scraped off the plating and left the pins exposed to air to see what would happen. They rusted.


ADDED: Just saw Ting’s comment on the Grudge and had to double it here. “Remember hearing AFTER it was all over and she had performed perfectly that Palin’s teleprompter was not working during her Republican Convention acceptance speech? No one would have guessed – and she is supposed to be the dumb one.”

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