It’s just like that Stargate SG-1 episode …

… you know the one?  Baal says he’s holding Sam hostage and is demanding they turn Camulus over to him immediately or he’ll kill Sam and her team but they can’t dial the gate cuz an alien plant has taken over the base and shorted out all the power and Jack tells Baal, “You know, it’s funny. If Sam were here, she’d have this all sorted out like THAT.”

It’s JUST LIKE THAT. See, I would really like to start a bail fund for poor Bob who was rounded up by IRS goons after admitting on-line that although she had engaged in a barter exchange that had resulted in material benefit, she had NO INTENTION of declaring it on her taxes. She is rotting in some hell hole that probly doesn’t even have a new soccer field or ice cream on Fridays like Gitmo does.

The reason this is so Stargatey is that Bob is our Sam. She’s the only techie person we have who could set up one of those piggy bank PayPal thingies so we could actually collect real money … presuming anyone had any to donate, which is doubtful, given the economy. Sigh. I guess she’ll just have to keep on rotting.

But you know me! I always look for the silver lining! Maybe if she behaves herself, they’ll allow her some limited internet access so she can catch up on tagging my blogs and cleaning out the spam filter.

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