And now for something completely different


Stop I'm gonna pee


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  1. Thanks for this, chrissy. Smiles all the way down the post. (Need all I can get after a family reunion weekend.) I’ve seen a bunch of those animal voiceover vids lately, and there’s a lot of surprisingly well-done, funny ones.

    For Dad’s day, the kids & Mrs gave me a hard drive enclosure — a simple shell that takes an internal hard drive and makes it a USB outboard drive. One of my sons uses these at work and mentioned it to me. So it was not unexpected. It will be handy. We need to recover some info from several orphaned drives. Of course, Dad gets to do all the work from here. Not exactly a chain saw, but it beats an ugly tie or cologne! 🙂 But best of all was I got to see all my kids, and they can still tolerate me, in small doses.

    Hi, all.