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Creepy White House pic for Flag Day

2013_06 14 Creepy WH photo for Flag Day

It’s no surprise Oblamer is in the pic. He’s in EVERY pic they post, no matter what the event they’re allegedly honoring. Cuz Everything Is About Obama.

But backwards and with Obama making the Hitler salute is just kind of over the top creepy, you know?

It’s not like we don’t already KNOW how the Obamas feel about all things patriotic, especially the red, white and blue.

“All this just for a flag”

N.b., I saw a video at YouTube that claimed Michelle was actually saying, “How pretty they fold the flag,” then snarks that Right Wingnuts will see what they wanna see. Riiiiiiiiiiiight. That’s why they both SNEER and shake their heads. Cuz that’s what everybody does after a compliment. NOT.


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